Today is my Birthday....

in hoschitrooper •  2 years ago  (edited)

One year is gone...

So what happens to me in this one YEAR...

A good friend placed me into Steemit, and i had really no idea what i have to do in here...


Im not this Blogger Dude i told him, but he said... cmon give it a chance... and i did!

In July i get into it and i met a lot of amazing People all around the World and i am


Today is my day, but also yours out there... maybe anyone see this lil post today

then feel HUGGED and Great this is my present for you !

I got some Presents too...


My Wife made me a cake and send me a nice Cidre can :)


Also i get a new CUP "morsche" is Hessian for GOOD MORNIG

my lil Ladies draw me some Pictures and hide em in her Rooms :D



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very interesting post i need your [email protected]

Happy Day Hoschi! All I have to do is look at you and I see what can be. Not only am I glad to read your stuff, I'm glad to have gotten to know you.


Happy birthday to an awesome person, friend, and dad! Oh man, seeing your daughters pictures and the cake made me tear. How lucky you must feel. Thank you for bringing smiles always and I hope this day is as awesome as you are. Happy birthday again hosch! We love you!

Hippy barfday man! lol
Hope you grow so old that your ass hair starts to drag on the ground behind you as you walk ;-p

Happy birthday @hoschitrooper! best wishes to you this year my friend! cheers!

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Happy Birthday, enjoy your day!

Happy bday hoschi, you are awesome :)

Awe those are precious little drawings. I can feel the love from your wife and daughters. Happy belated birthday "storm pooper" hehe. Btw, is that can a can of Beer? I've never seen a cake shaped like that. What flavor was it?

hey phe phe...

This cake had the shape of a "bembel" its a cidre holder.. Also the flavor was cidre... Smile

I hope you had the best Birthday ever @hoschitrooper. I saw a banner you did for @gmuxx. I am building a tribe on Steemit and I need a banner, I f you can help me please let me know the cost and if I can pay you in SBD.Thank you for your consideration.

hey rensoul... please gimme more informations about your idea of the banner so i can help ;)

I don't have a clue what I need. I just know that I need one for the tribe I have launched here on Steemit called tribe global love. Here is the initial post I did describing it maybe you can get some ideas. I trust your artistry.