A Beautiful Trypophobic Nightmare (A Short Horror Poem Inspired by Junji Ito)

in horror •  5 months ago

The holes in her skin
Let the insects in
The spindle leg spider
Creeps inside her

He is after the flies
Burrowed inside
Her sickening skin
Moving from within

A knife blade traces
Their writhing places
But they dig in deep
Beyond her reach

Bugs itch along her bones
From the cursed jade stone
Filled with yawning holes
It infects all who behold

Its cursed carapace
A deeply pitted face
This perforated place
Is a fate with no escape

This poem is inspired by Shivers from the Junji Ito collection. A cursed jade stone infects people with deep holes in their skin

I love horror, I enjoy the feeling of fear and discomfort, the weak sensation of something actually getting to you. For a few years, trypophobia could still do it, I think it started with the old internet horror story of a korean woman bathing with tiny black seeds that sank into her skin. Try as she might, she couldn't dig them out. It was a few years later that I watched American Horror Story: Cult, which featured a woman with this fear, that very nearly over saturated it and pushed it past being scary. Then I watched the Junji Ito Collection on Crunchyroll, and the segment Shiver well it takes the idea to "hole" new depths (sorry, I couldn't resist) with the concept of insects crawling through the holes, which reset the bar again!

I would recommend the Junji Ito Collection to anyone who enjoys some good creepy horror, featuring skin crawling concepts and dark animation.

Image is my own, I thought something from the show may be a bit much for the steemit feed ;) - this is from wearing a beaded bracelet, and has been edited to look as creepy as I could manage!

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Creepiness factor reaching critical levels in this poem. Well done @calluna :)

Junji Ito is amazing. Uzumaki is in my top list of graphic novels. <3


I only stumbled across the anime through Yamishbai so I found the manga later but I am so glad I did. Uzumaki is nearly at the top of my wishlist, I am waiting to be able to read it in printed form for the full effect!


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"Creepy Crawlies" are a physical sensational horror that can really irk even the most desensitized person. Now that's a powerful type of horror to not screw around with.


Yeah it isn't something I will be writing about often but gotta be able to make my skin crawl now and then lol


Haha, yeah. Well it was a nice post nonetheless.

I didn't know about this phobia, altough I'm not new to the crawling-things-under-your-skin theme.. compliments, also for the interesting picture's idea 🙂


Thank you very much, yeah I think it got me more cos it wasn't one I had encountered before, if I think about it too much, it can still my skin feel kinda funny lol