Flow Arts: (LED) Hooping!

in hooping •  last year

I have been hooping for about three years sporadically, and have absolutely fallen in love. I have begun to develop enough confidence to share my love with the rest of the world. Hooping has been my antidepressant, and is actually a pretty good cardio workout once you get going!

Recently, @klye was kind and gifted me a Hyperion hoop... a programmable LED hoop with hundreds of pre-loaded patterns. This thing is AMAZING. This is the second time I've picked it up... and while playing with the remote, I found a penguin pattern. Hopefully you can make it out... gave me a giggle. 😊

I hope you enjoy! Excuse the drop at the end... but I thought I recovered well. Haha.
Any funds raised from this will go towards getting a better quality camera, and a thank-you pizza for @klye. 😋

Please select Quality -> 780p for best available picture.

I hope to add more videos in the future. Have a good one! ✌️

Track: Can't You See - Shoe Scene Symphony

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Good to see you two back at it


fucking inkha

Glad to see you back on Steemit lovely. Very nice hoop you got there, glad you're enjoying it and sharing the brilliance of your hoop skills with the community.

Resteemed to help you gain traction on followers after your hiatus.

I expect more awesome hoop videos. Lets get you that camera!

( Full Disclaimer: This is my roommate / future ex wife :D )


This thing is so much fun... I found a Hello Kitty pattern. Hahaha.

Every dancing video should end with a shuffle off-screen


Right? I lol'd when she showed me the video and told her to post it here.

Showing some love to klye's waifu!~


Thank you. :P

style is new and energetic. love it. did see penguins by the way..

It takes real grace and flow to pull of hooping in such an enclosed space. Nice vid.

Nice post! I will follow you from now on.

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