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Have you at any point been on the web perusing some succulent data and some irritating advertisements just springs up meddling with your read?

Doing a vital task or audit on the web and you saw that your data and your database isn't verified?

We face such difficulties most occasions and I can recall on a few events my record got hacked because of such equipment and dangerous locales yet there is an answer for such and that is HONEYPOD.


Honeypod is a brilliant equipment unit that is the measure of your palm of your hand. It interfaces specifically to your web switch with the aim of blocking undesirable information, demands, and. contents from entering the web association of your gadget. By empowering a blocking framework at the most abnormal amount page loads speeds significantly increment while in the meantime recognition of the equipment unit is unimaginable. Since Honeypod can't be recognized it can't be halted, blocked or avoided. As it were, honeypod gives you online protection, a quicker web speed, and rewards you the web. Isn't this really astonishing? While utilizing the web, you get ensured by honeypod and prizes you for perusing the web.

Regardless of whether it's facebook following everything you might do or a promoter observing the site content you read, the client ought to at last reserve the privilege to be the person who controls who approaches view, spare and sell the records of their private information and web utilization. No other gathering should pry into what the client does as it is exclusively his information. Since Honeypod is a little equipment unit there are no downloads, establishment, or applications on any of your web associated gadgets. This incorporates PC, tablet, cell phone, shrewd TV, and so on. In the event that you utilize a gadget to interface with the web, Honeypod has you secured. I feel more secure with Honeypod while utilizing the web, instead of been moniterd like a CCTV camera, you have your protection with Honeypod.

Our Ecosystem

Honeypod will likely be the fundamental center point that interconnects these gadgets to give you full oversight and security over the web association and thus your day by day life. Honeypod plans coordinating with accomplices on administrations that both business and purchasers uses which incorporates (yet not restricted to):

Transient Partnership:

  1. Web based Shopping Rewards

  2. Information Storage

  3. VPN administrations

  4. Hacking, Virus, Threat, Intrusion Prevention, and outsider Services.

Long haul Potential Partnership:

  1. Online Movie Purchase

  2. Online Retail Purchases

  3. Online Bill Pay and Financial Management

  4. Telecom (cell/portable) organizations and administrations

  5. Overseeing of all your web associated gadgets and accomplice. administrations from a solitary dashboard. This could incorporate the lights in your home (IOT), PC documents, or your vehicle credit.


In all these, Honeypod is keen on the wellbeing of clients and conveying to the information of everybody that security is certain while utilizing the web, additionally with the utilization of KYC (know-your-client) Honeypod can without much of a stretch identify the genuine clients from spammers and fraudsters.

Abundance Allocation

Coming up next is a representation of how the abundance will be dispersed toward the finish of the battle:

  1. Honeypod Bitcointalk Signature (25%)

  2. Interpretations and Moderation (20%)

  3. Articles and YouTube crusade: (15%)

  4. Twitter Campaign: (15%)

  5. Facebook Campaign: (15%)

  6. Wire Campaign: (10%)

You can likewise visit us on our site for more data.

Site: https://honeypod.org


Telegram: https://t.me/honeypod

Creator's Bitcointalk username: Confiance0665

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