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RE: New Life And Regrowth (Homestead Photography Contest #17)

Wow, overrun, what's the size of your asparagus patch?? I imagine we'll need at least 3 years more of continued planting of new asparagus from seed to even get to a point where it's starting to be enough!

How do you can it, do you have a tried and true recipe?


Our patches are several years old and we started with asparagus sets that we planted. The patch consists of several rows about 50-70' long. It takes a little while, but eventually you will have it coming out of your ears!

We use a pressure canner to store most of the asparagus that we do not eat. Otherwise, we like to cook it in a skillet with some lemon juice drizzled on it as its cooking. We probably eat most of our asparagus this a way and really enjoy it.

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