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I have grown many, many things in my life! Could not even begin to count how many gardens I have planted and the variety of vegetables I have grown. But ONE thing always gave me trouble when I attempted to grow it, CORN!

I would get puny little plants that produced little to no corn, ever! So I gave up and stopped trying years ago... Until this May when I decided I HAD to grow Glass Gem corn!

Glass Gem and another heirloom Red Popcorn.

I got a few other colors of heirloom popcorns to try out as well! I thought my new garden beds full of composted goat manure would be perfect for my last ditch effort. To my pleasant surprise, the corn grew big and fast! Then it began producing ears! I had done it! FINALLY! I could now be a proud corn farmer!

Each one unique!

I had left the ears on the plant stalks to dry and they were done when Tropical Storm Irma came at us from the south! As we scrambled to get all our animals in the barn I ran outside and screamed to Ryan, "I can't let my corn go up in a twister!". The stalks were bending over sideways from the force of the wind already!


I quickly began grabbing pieces of corn off the stalks and throwing them in my harvest basket. I mixed all the varieties together so I probably won't be saving any seed this year but next year I know I CAN grow popcorn now! I was pretty proud of our little corn harvest!


We still need to shuck the ears and remove the kernels from the cob and then we will be enjoying our very own Homegrown Popcorn! But for now, we are enjoying their beauty a little longer!

If you want to watch an older video of ours from the day we planted the corn here it is! I warn you it is a goofy but good one!

Thank you for reading and watching Wholesome Roots!


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Oh I love that! It's just beautiful! So good that you saved it from Irma!! Makes me hungry for a little popcorn but it's dinner time, so I'd better get that started instead. Thanks for sharing some cool pics with us!

Me too! I really want popcorn now as well! After dinner maybe! Thank you!

That is Awesome! Good for you for not giving up! Incredible pics of your corn, I love them! Enjoy their beauty now and then enjoy the their taste later! 😄 Thanks for sharing~ Upped and Steemed!

I'm so glad I tried again! They are so pretty to look at! Thank you!

You're welcome ~

Wow, you grew glass gem corn? I tried growing it a few seasons ago and didn't have much success, but then again I was new to gardening. You've put it back into my heart to get some corn going this coming season! I guarantee I will have popcorn as well!

Yay! More than anything, I love to inspire others to garden! It is so rewarding! The Glass Gem did great for us! I will be ordering twice as much seed next year!

Do you know what your setback was?

1st time growing corn, made a lot of silly mistakes. I tried to go too big, too fast :)

Those pictures are beautiful! My kids love getting popcorn on the cob at farmers markets! We'll have to look into growing our own!

Thank you! That is cool that they sell it on the cob! Do you know how much they charge out of curiosity? You definitely should!

That's great.

I grew sweetcorn for the first time here in Wales this summer. Not a great yield but we did get something.

excellent! even a little is a great accomplishment!

We've had the worst luck growing corn in the past too.. until this year! We did the exact same thing and grew it in one of the old goat pens and sure enough, we got our FIRST ever full sized corn! It is so exciting!

Goat poop must be the secret!

Beautiful seen. thanks for sharing.

Thank you!

Corn and eggplant are the two things I'm terrible at growing. Actually the growing part is fine, it's the keeping the flea beetles off of it that I'm no good at. I've yet to harvest any. Boo. Yours looks beautiful.

My eggplant are always covered in flea beetles but still produce fruit, I wonder why?

I need to start researching now for next year if I'm going to be successful.

You will have to post a video of it popping.

Ooo, that's a good idea!

That is a really good idea! Thanks! I can't wait to taste it!

That's pretty cool. What is it with corn being hard to grow.. I had trouble when i wad younger too.. now i live in the city abd only grow flowers

I think it requires a lot of nutrition and water. This year I had both!

Great job.

Thank you!

No thank you you guys are awesome.

Wow. That was awesome. I haven't seen that red corn here in Philippines.. great!

I'm excited about clorful veggies

Keep it up

Excellent, I am going to plant mines tomorrow, any advise?

I take it you are not in US so it is spring where you are? Just use lots of water and Organic composted manure!

I am in the US, in Florida actually. I am just looking for all the tips I can get before planting.

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I love popcorn. I've never thought of growing my own. This is fantastic! Let me know how it tastes!

My parents always had a garden growing up, so I've enjoyed seeing posts like these that remind me of all of the produce during the summer. Glad you survived Irma!

I hope it's yummy! I'm glad to bring back fond memories! Thank you

Awesome! Homegrown popcorn is wonderful!

One tip when removing the kernels from the cob... Do NOT rub them off with your thumbs as you'll end up with blisters.(Guess how I know...? LOL!)

Instead, rub two cobs together inside a large grocery bag and you'll be fine. That should catch ALL the kernels.

Well done!!

Thanks for the tip! I'm glad you mentioned that! I will have the little ones do a lot of the work too, lol!

You're welcome! That's a great job for the little ones... it almost sounds like it's popping when it hits the sides of the bag. I always thought that was some of the fun, too!

Congrats on a sucessful harvest!! It's beautiful!

Thank you, it's so exciting!

Gorgeous corn!
I second the idea of the popping video.

I will definitely have to do that! Thank you!

Awesome, who wants popcorn now after all of that?
triggered ;)

Lol, right!? I'm really wanting popcorn! I should test some

I love popcorn! I will have to try a little of this when I start my garden in the spring. Thanks for sharing!

It's fun to grow! Thank you

That's cool, I need to try this...... Glad you made it through Irma OK!

Yes you do! Thank you!

The colour looks quite unique for a corn. And so is the name, as well....lolz.
I hope it has a lovely taste though. Have never tried the glass-gem corn. Would love to, sometime.

That corn looks amazing! Will have to find a spot to put some corn in this season. Never tried it.. but will be on the look out for those varieties for sure!

Thank you, you should! Baker Creek has a ton of colorful seed choices!

they may not ship to Aus because of quarantine.. we are really strict.. but we have a place called Diggers which is all heirloom seeds.. will def see if they have them :) I hope so otherwise I will just have to watch yours via steem :)

Well done, that corn looks full of colour and health, I hope it's the sweetest yield you've ever tasted.

per•se•ver•ance (ˌpɜr səˈvɪər əns)

steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.
[1300–50; Middle English perseveraunce < Middle French perseverance < Latin persevērantia]

I admire those who can put their hand to a sod of earth, a lump of clay, a bundle of fleece, or even a piece of weathered old wood, and through art and labor produce something of value and merit.

Thank you! I am glad I persisted! Producing your own food is so rewarding

Wow, so pretty.

thank you!

I hope they are just as tasty as they are beautiful. Being self-sufficient in the popcorn department is high on my list.

i really need to do a test batch, just been crazy...

"I can't let my corn go up in a twister!"

Now that is determination! Congratulations on your first harvest of home grown popcorn. Saving those seeds is a great idea too, don't pop them all.

they are probably crossed now, so next year I'll space varieties out more.

We were just talking yesterday about growing different kinds in different areas to keep them true to kind. The crossed varieties may be neat though, and still pop!

You doing great in your blog post

thank you, i didn't notice till you said that!

Since you now know... I repeated...you doing even better😉...I updated about eggshells...check out my last 3 posts... Regards

I never use the microwave - it is a storage shelf in my house. But the one exception is to pop popcorn on the cob. It is so cool to watch the popping :)

resteemed since my vote isn't worth a thing :(

When I saw this post go by last night or the night before, I pulled it aside to read, even before I found you in Discord. That gorgeous red color caught my eye -- since red is my favorite color to start with ... and these shades of red especially.

What exquisitely beautiful corn. I'm so glad you saved it from the storm. And the other variety looks like stained glass. Simply gorgeous. They sell corn like that where I live (NM) for autumn wreaths and Halloween type decorations -- in the supermarkets -- along with the gourds and pumpkins. I never thought it might be popcorn.

I think you and your family are so brave doing this homesteading project as a lifestyle. I wish we were young enough to try it. (Maybe in our next lives! [grin])

I wish you nothing but continued success -- along the same lines as accidentally learning what it takes to grow popcorn. Frankly that fabulous color all by itself was worth the stop. That photo is just to die for!

from #theunmentionables

thank you so much! You are too kind! the Glass Gem corn is so pretty! I'm holding off eating so i can decorate with them first!

We are growing this too and though it got off to a rough start because of our unusually cold spring, it appears to be dong very well. A ways to go before it is ready for harvest but I am surprised at how quick it took off once the weather warmed up and can hardly wait to see what the ears look like!

I hope it turns out great for you! I'm definitely planting more next year!

This corn looks amazing. Glass gem you say? I need to get some seeds for next year. We love popcorn...Does sheep poop work as well? I will have to try this for sure.