A place for everything...

A place for everything and everything in its place is an old saying and one I have lived by my entire life.
Knifes to the left of the cutlery, scissors in the top drawer, needle and thread in the pink sewing box are just a few of items that "A place for everything and everything in its place" applies.

In the past few years due to a move that did not happen, my upright freezer has been in the mud room (closest door for easier moving).
The mental dissonance of it not being in its proper place did not come home to roost (another old saying) till it was back in its place and I felt at peace for the first time in a few years in my kitchen.

Trying to explain why and how it disrupts your peace would take several hours and no I will not be doing that to you!

When we set up a house to become a home that runs smoothly it takes planning and moving furniture that does not block our flow of movement in the house, think of a coffee table in the center of a room, picture trying to go about your normal day and not bump into or trip over it, yup it is real life that dictates our daily path in the house.

Having a skillet in a drawer in the living room instead of a kitchen cabinet would be a similar action of dissonance.

Yes a mudroom is not the area for a freezer, it gets and stays dirty!

So the question is does moving things mess up your life?.

Chime in and chat!


Yes! When things are not neat and orderly, it transfers into a mental mess in my brain. My mind shuts down as soon as I see the mess and I've lost the cleaning battle before it has even begun..

The cleaning is a whole other ball game...

Yes, moving things often messes up my life for a long time until I get it sorted back out. I'm still putting the house back together from the construction four years ago.

The biggest trouble is Stuff Buildup. Stuff has a habit of building up if you're not diligent about only keeping Stuff that has a reason to be kept. This is the only way to stay on top of the craziness in our house. My kids probably get tired of me getting rid of things, but it's the only way to even stay semi-organized!

For me, I find that getting things in order often involves me asking the question "where does it make the most sense for this thing to go?" It seems like a silly thing to have to ask, but so often we sort of randomly arrange things without considering that it makes the most sense for the cups to go on the bottom shelf instead of the top one or other things like that. The bed makes more sense against the far wall so I don't have to walk all the way around it all the time to do things in the bedroom. Etc.

I am still sorta living out of boxes and also passing things on to others that would enjoy them instead of almost hording them. I have yet to find my linens!
We had a rolling cart in front of the freezer and it caught everything as we came in the door, it is now beside the upright freezer where it belongs as well.

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