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On a very narrow country lane
A charming barn once sat
There may have been a carriage within
And a horse attached to that

A young Miss may have ridden
Dressed in her good gown
A dusty road behind her
On that carriage into town

She may have taken homemade pie
To a neighbor down the lane
Or to the store to buy supplies
And then came home again

The barn, it was a welcome sight
Whenever she drew near
It signaled end of journey
And her home so full of cheer

poem © @thekittygirl


This lovely barn is situated on a narrow little rural lane in Pickens County, SC (USA). It is one of two (or three, I'm not sure) barns on a piece of property that was once a homestead. I've already shown OLD BARN № 010 in a previous post. It was also just to the left of this barn that was the scene of a Glorious Sunset which I photographed and posted here a while back. I love the photo, above, of this charming structure and the artistic twist I was able to use in the processing of this shot!

ThanksForReading--Pink.png 😊


!steemitworldmap 34.918654 lat -82.699828 long Pickens County, SC D3SCR




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I loved your poem Kitty! I was picturing a scene from Little House on the Prairie as I was reading it.

Love the poem @thekittygirl. Your words brought such a sweet vision to my mind as I looked at the photo :) These old buildings have so many stories to tell don't they? Generations have patched and repaired them until now, so sad.

Ah, a beautiful piece of poetry to start the day! Love it!

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Old barns are awesome, and you definitely caught the feel of that one. Nice poem too! It definitely shares a warm, positive story.

Wow! what a wonderful thoughts you shared today @thekittygirl Thumps UP! Hope you succeed your future project.

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Beautiful poem and nice picture!

thanks for sharing on #pypt

that poem is just lovely and well rounded! really brings this old barn to life!

also, the photo-filter works really well for me here with that barn picture... love how it "fractalizes" the branches :D

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That poem sounds like a young lady in the late 1800s or early 1900s, that is definitely my era!
And your barn is exquisite, we discussed that, I do like that program.
And yes, thank you for sharing this on PYPT because now it gets out more.

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What a lovely poem, KittyG! The cadence reminds me a bit of a nursery rhyme. <3

The barn is pretty sweet, too. Cool, canvas-like texture effect. I'd be curious to see what the deep dream generator would do to it. ;)


found this lyrical post via #pypt

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