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RE: Lambing season has started on our homestead!

in #homesteading6 years ago

We have thought about raising sheep, but are currently raising goats. So far we haven't had issues with climbers or buck smell. Even though your sheep shed the wool they have, can you not still use it for anything?


No - the hair you find is in small quantities and it the short in length. What type of goats do you raise?

Oh okay. That's good to know as hair sheep are what we had thought about getting. We have purebred Oberhasli and Nubian/Boer crosses.

Our Rams will weigh anywhere from 90-110 lbs at 11 months, how big are your sheep at that age?

Ours our primarily dairy goats and not meat, I'm guessing they're around 50-60 pounds at that age.

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