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Seed Swap with @papa-pepper!

in homesteading •  4 months ago 

Thanks for the nice comment @planthub :) You may be interested to see our (@homesteaderscoop) where homesteaders are starting to list their seeds for STEEM/SBD. There are only 3 vendors selling seeds at the moment but I feel that will grow in time. I will follow your account with keep interest, I think that our audience would benefit from what you are doing and vice versa :)

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Homesteaderscoop is great @sagescrub!! I (@akipponn working in the background of @planthub also a member of @needleworkmonday) am knitting a linen body towel with bio European linen as I couldn't find an ideal product. Some are too thick, rough etc. As it looks successful, I thought about selling some on Etsy but homesteaderscoop sound nice :) :)


That is really beautiful @akipponn! Very nice handiwork. Homesteaders Co-op is not mutually exclusive, our vendors are certainly welcome to participate in any other marketplace at the same time if they wish. Though some of our vendors prefer Homesteaders Co-op over etsy for various reasons! You can check out to learn more and apply if you think you are a good fit.