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This is Part 7 of a new series.

In order to really get ahead in this world, it can be best to just work for yourself and be self employed. That way, whatever profit you earn for your time is all yours, and you don't make someone else rich in the process while you barely scrape by. Since homesteading is a way to provide more of your needs and lessen your expenses, it should be easier for me to become completely self employed if we homestead. Enjoy the video!


For us, homesteading fits well with having a trustworthy food supply, since you grow and raise most of it yourself. In Part 8, I will share about our hopes of "freedom." Stay tuned!


Until next time…

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My favorite and personally most relatable part so far! As always a great video and I appreciate the look inside the homesteading way of life. It super interesting to me and I find it very interesting the increased percentage of homesteaders here on Steemit. I believe it the type of people that this platform attracts would be interested in this alternative lifestyle. Nonetheless, thanks again and I look forward to the upcoming parts to this new series!

Cool - thanks for that real comment! Have a FULL POWER UPVOTE as a reward!

A lot of different reasons exist, and it seems that many people are at least interested, if not already trying some of this stuff! Thanks again!

I always wanted to grow my own food. Especially fruits. Good post @papa-pepper

Might as well pick one and try it out. No time like the present!

Great job my friend, and am finally back in Florida where I have internet again, something missing in the pacific ocean, lol. I have so much to share of the land where survival over centuries in the small villages in Alaska has taught me so much in a short period of time. The people there are so genuine and refreshing. I love making friends with people like that and like you as well my friend.

Very cool! I was wondering when you would get back! Thanks for checking in. Have you posted anything since your return?

Back home today, and have work to do on the yard, repairing from the hurricane that came through, and will post photos and update on it tomorrow. Then i have around 10,000 photos to go through for about 100 articles. so much to come, my friend. Yes, i missed my friends on steemit very much

Good, you have an excellent supply for upcoming content!

Being your own boss is one thing, but taking pride in accomplishments and completed tasks is the best.
Learning new skills, but long forgotten, ones is so important. A trait newer generations don't know or understand. These, hand skills, are crucial goals. I have a written list of older skills I want to learn. Ex. Crocheting, sewing, using certain hand tools. Some day...

Good goals! While I don't know how to crochet, I can knit and sew!

Knitting always seems to confuse me for some reason. You should think about that video, if you haven't already.


Could be an entirely new video series lol

WOW! Absolutely amazed to find someone who is 100% on the same page as me. I'm very new to Homesteading and even newer to Steemit but to hear you speak the exact words I've been thinking, even the point of facebook raking in all the cash while they sell off peoples information at high profits is very on point! You are streets ahead of any goals I have while converting my Grandad's garden to help his recovery after a Stroke but I wish you all the best and I hope you can achieve your goals sooner than you think.

Your series on saving seeds is amazing! I wish I could make it around more and comment more often, but know that I'm watching!

Thank you! That means a lot. Steemit seems to be the place for homesteaders. I only wish I found it years ago :)

The homesteading community is getting some good support right now. Also, steemit didn't exist years ago, so we are still on the cutting edge!

Me too!! 😀 😃 😄 😁

This is another wonderful post about a subject near and dear to my heart. :D It isn't easy getting started with homesteading. There are a lot of obstacles, permits and bureaucracy, construction delays, equipment breakdowns, predators, and of course, mother nature...she can be so cruel sometimes.

In the end though it is all worth it...you learn something every day as a homesteader...especially in the early days - years. Each year your homestead gets a bit more pasture/grazing land, or another fenced in area for more or new/different types of animals or whatever and its always an adventure. An adventure that you get to share with your entire family if you're lucky.

You also get to share and learn from every other homesteader on steemit and that is the best part of joining this wonderful community. :D

I just wanted to say thank you @papa-pepper for getting me over my aversion to snakes...I actually held a little one the other day and it was very cool. I know it was just a garden snake but who knows what my future holds. :D

Have an awesome day! :D

Wow! You held a wild snake! Cool!


equipment breakdowns

You are right on with that one!

LOL, I know right, who would have thought that me, that gal that has always thought they'd be slimy (they weren't slimy at all) and wanted nothing to do with them ever, actually held one and petted another one. :D Like I said, they were just little ones but its a start. :D

We've had a few equipment breakdowns over the years...each one seemed to be more expensive than the last...probably just felt that way because the cost of everything has gone up so much. Thankfully, or not so thankfully, they all just required a lot of saving up money to afford the part for the repair and hubby has been able to do the repairs himself for the most part. :D (His poor knuckles...LOL. :D)

Have an awesome day! :D

Yeah who knows? 😀 😃 😄 😁

Okay, how did you get the smiley emoji's to show? I do the :D for the big smile but it never turns into the big smile in here...I'm not very savvy with tech stuff or emoji's. :D

I get it from this website getemoji.com you just cut and paste. thanks for your reply...😀 😃 😄 😁 I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Cool, I'll have to go check it out, thanks. :D You're welcome. :D Have an awesome weekend. :D

Enjoy.. 😀 😃 😄 😁 😆 I hope you have a WONDERFUL day! Thanks for this!

Another down to earth honest video, Thank You.
As you already know I feel the same about life, freedom, family and nature as you do. Of course I agree with everything you said with the exception of one thing. You said that your past life "Was a waste of a lot of years that I can never get back." I understand what you mean, but I believe that without that "waste of time" (education) you would not be the man you are today, and would not appreciate your life and family as you do.

Everyone on steemit talks about creating content that is of value or bringing value to the platform. In this video and the others as well, pretty much what you are talking about, especially here, it that you value what you are doing for you and your family more than you value living a meaningless life and making money for other people.

So far, everything that I have seen you do and talk about is creating value for your family (and steemit), be it on a backhoe, "animal chores", gardening or even making videos for steemit. You are creating value, and I wish you and others would start using the term to remind us all that we need to remember to bring back the value to our lives instead of others, as you ARE doing !

Thank You so much for your continued efforts to bring "value" to all of us on steemit.

As always, Hugs all around !
Your friend JT Streetman

Makes sense to me too, yeah! 😀 😃 😄 😁

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Part 7 - Comment
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Unless you have certain skills and can earn millions playing in the NBA, working for yourself is key to having a great quality of life. You are so right. Everything you do goes to support your family so it is great motivation. Steemit is also great because it is proportional. You get out what you put in and you can work as hard as you want. Facebook gathers all your info and sells it off to the highest bidder. By the way, Zuckerberg heard that you followed me and has asked me to put in a good word for him... I can't. Ha ha!

Definitely agree about the freedom. You have the time to just have your day & interact with your environment & roll along with life without having to check out & go on auto-pilot like so many seem to, there's real freedom getting to be alive. For me it makes me feel more connected & in-tune with reality.

I wish I had that sense of security of my own land & being able to provide for myself too. Working towards it.

And even though you lost that time, at least now you can savor the life you do have in a way you may not have otherwise. For me, it's all gravy time now. :)

more connected & in-tune with reality.

Fully agreed, cover that in one of the other videos! Thanks!

I'm sure I'll catch up on them all eventually as life happens. :)

Yeah makes sense! 😀 😃 😄 😁

I love being my own boss! I am way more productive like this too.

If only more people were!

Freedom to live is the most important....

It certainly helps!

Well I am not my own boss, but I am in a position to teach the younger children a thing or two. I am tring to get more into steemit and posting a few blogs everyday. But I took some advice from some guy named @papa-pepper and have been doing a series on Foraging for food .

Thank you very much

Yup, enjoy them and be blessed!

Love your videos!

Thank you!

You are welcome. We have similar views/perspective on life!

Glad to hear it!

I'm really enjoying this series. Man, if I knew back in my youth what I know now... All the wasted time and effort and money is hard to think about. But better late than never. Getting out of debt, minimizing expenses and being your own boss for a better quality of life is a lesson for everyone, not just homesteaders. Thanks for sharing.

Agreed, good lessons for everyone! Let me know when you're ready for pigs and anything else you might need or want. Rabbits could work good for you too!

Thank you. I should be down there by the end of next week, and getting set up for pigs will be my 2nd priority after some basic housing repairs. Maybe I'll get past it someday, but I had a pet rabbit named Rascal as a kid, so that's a debate I'm having with myself. But you're right, rabbits would probably be a good fit for me.

I know I've got some native muscadine vines, and I might find some other stuff worthy of propagation I'd be happy to share. Looking forward to a group project day for area Steemians also.

That sounds cool. I was thinking that rabbits would be a good thing to breed and sell for you, if you could find a market... craigslist? Also, the manure is amazing fertilizer!

That way, whatever profit you earn for your time is all yours, and you don't make someone else rich in the process while you barely scrape by.

That also works if you're able to do your projects without investors and having obligations to turn a profit for them. Opens a lot of possibilities, that such obligations make very unlikely.

This is going to be a little plug, our Bitshares RuDEX team were able to create 0% market fee gateways for major Graphene based chains, now including STEEM. :-)

So, thats why I ask to vote for our @blockchained witness. :D Also tried some nice hot peppers (not yours) about a month back, they were quite good.

Glad to see you around once again! I thought maybe you got lost over at Golos!

I haven't seen any of these! Thanks for putting this all together..now I can get caught up!

Yes you can! I think that there are still 3 more to come!

I love being self employed. Biggest issue I have is I can't fire myself if I don't get the job done. lol

I can't fire myself if I don't get the job done.

I guess you could, but I could guess who your next hire would be!

Yeah I don't know why I keep hiring myself back but I do. LOL I truly love being self employed and have been most of my adult life.

Great post , I totally agree and hope to be doing the same thing soon ! Its also so much more healthier and tastes so much better how nice it is to just go out and pick some fresh vegetables for dinner !! I truly miss it ! Upped and resteemed into my food blog , thanks for sharing !💞💕👍💞💕👍👍

Thanks for checking it out! Steem on.

It's never what you make it's what you save & that doesn't always mean money. creating is life in itself. Self sustainability takes life back to a place of preservation and when our true needs are met because we are full-filled with nourishment thru love of all life and gratitude for our earth. Love following along, looking forward to whats upcoming!

Thanks @brandyb! Your comment means a lot!

It takes alot of time and effort to be free, I guess that's why there's that saying" freedom isn't free". It's hard to know where to begin when most of us are stuck in the grind of the matrix, takes alot of effort to extract yourself.

Makes sense yeah! 😀 😃 😄 😁

@papa-pepper look at my blog make something about yourself :)

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hi im a good voter and good follower

Self-sufficient = self-employment. The only way to be. I like your phrase "digital share-croppers" How true. Slaving away to make a few pennies while the big guys make millions of your work...