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Watching the little goat kids jump around is one thing, but these little lambs have almost as much fun!

It seems that new life always brings joy. With the addition of a few happy little lambs here on our homestead, we've now got a lot more "entertainment" without having to resort to television, lol! This is a pretty big photo dump of some recent favorites, but I hope that it gives you all a taste for the joy and happiness that watching these little lambs hop around brings. Enjoy!


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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The photos of them jumping in mid air is priceless! It reminded me of trying to get a photo of a whale when I went, whale, puffin and dolphin watching off of Iceland.
I would see the whale, put my camera up to my face and snap. Many photos of ripples not much more!
These little fellers must frolic a lot and you must be patient.
We just added 7 to our flock. Up to 12 goats on the Philisteemit farm. Lol!

Love looking at them. Joyful and happy. I like that, no need to stay indoor when you have such a bundle of lamb jumping left and right.

Love to see those kids jump and have fun...

I think this is a photo dump of the best kind. These guys made my day. Thank you!

Glad that you think so!

Cool! Thanks!

Awesome, thanks for sharing

Thank you for checking this out!


Seem like your living the fun life, all the cool animals, and always a new thing going on in your neck of the woods!

We enjoy this lifestyle! It keeps us active and engaged!

I hear that, I've been working, and getting closer to a point I can start living off crypto, I still have some things I need to finish doing, and I hope to be in a place I can also be more free. I have a few different ideas of what free means, so not yet sure how I'm going to go about it all just yet!

Just try to need as little money as possible. It'll make everything else a lot easier.

sooo cute my dear friend @papa-pepper ! i was really missing your animal-related content! great stuff as always man! by the way, did you think about your avatar-gif? Cheers mate!!! upvoted :)

I hadn't seen it yet. I'll look it up. Thanks for the heads up!

did you think about your avatar-gif?

I would be happy to receive one. I'll at least use it for a while, and treasure it forever.

hahahahah great mate! ill think about it and work on that then! once finished ill post it in one comment of any post of yours so you can use it whenever you feel to...lets see what my creativity can do hahaha Cheers amigo! :)

Woow this are healthy and good looking young goat weldon sir. You Have been a motivator and mentor to me sir always on point the great papa-pepper your love for animal is incredible

Yeah, young, healthy, and happy! Thanks @sola4boy!

funny and pretty lamb @papa-pepper, really enjoy seeing their innocence, let alone liking will nembuat who see laughing for pleasure.

Yeah. they are so much fun at that age!

he is very good friends can love many animals and love them, is rare now @ papa-pepper

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