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For those of you who don't know, @papa-pepper is on an overnight trip to @shalomacres.

They've got a big job on their hands today, and many hands make light work. @Mericanhomestead was already coming down, and thought that I might want to tag along and help out while I learn, so I jumped at the opportunity. What's the task at hand? Actually, they are going to butcher a cow.

For those who still eat meat, many prefer these days to be more "hands on" and are opting for raising their own. Here at @shalomacres, they haven't even needed to purchase meat from the store in over four years now. Since I am just entering this lifestyle, and since they can use some help, I've come down to learn more about the process.

Before @mericanhomestead and I took to our couches for the night, @randomstuff, the oldest son of @shalomacres, had to feed two of the baby sheep on their homestead. Since I didn't have my own chores to do (the @little-peppers will be taking care of our in our absence) I decided that I might as well help out with this job too, and maybe learn something in the process.


Just to make sure that the lambs would enjoy the milk, they cleverly use root beer bottles. Yes, even the youngest lamb is already wise enough to know how amazingly tasty root beer can be. Personally, root beer is one of my favorites.

Dumor Lamb Milk Replacer is what we will be giving these "bottle babies." The mother of the two little ones that we will be feeding had triplets, and rejected the two, favoring the other one. It is an unfortunate situation to be sure, but at least with proper care and feeding, the rejected two lambs will still be able to survive and grow.

Upon hearing @randomstuff and @papa-pepper come out, the lambs ran to greet us and began guzzling down the root beer bottles full of milk replacer. Since it was very cold outside, it was since that they were so quick about everything.

They finished up in record time and returned to the herd to head back into their shelter, which gave us the opportunity to head back into the house. For me, it is interesting to see how other families live on their homesteads, and how they deal with the random situations that arise when balancing life, education, raising animals, and other variables. So far, so good, and I am very blessed to be able to be here. We've got a busy day ahead of us, so I'll check back later! Papa out!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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my son says "what's that man holding? may we have that?"


But everyone likes root beer!


Like right now?!


Also, please reserve one of the young rams for me if you can.

Good.. 👍


That it was! Thanks!

awesome stuff like always @papa-pepper! animals are our companions in this trip called life, and taking care of them is our responsibility. I learn a lot with you mate! keep it up! ;)


I'm glad that you like it! Thanks @albertoyago!

How many sheep you have?


We have three, I think they have 25 or 27...

Thats awesome. This is how we build community. I love helping which in return i get to learn something new. Thanks great post.


It is how we build community! I love hanging out with other steemians!

Poor little cute lambs (I am vegetarian).

Although, it totally beats raising animals commercially with zero love, zero walking, a tiny space so that the lambs can't even turn, and just a bunch of medicines to make them grow fast.

Nice piece, you really a busy man taking good care of your farm animals, i love the pictures you took with the lamb showing care and much love.

Very nice while helping the animals worked excellently

Congratulations goats are beautiful and I hope they are good...

I am still a meat eater. We butcher all our own meet as well. Nothing better than knowing exactly where your meat comes from and what went into it.


It is a good feeling to know where it came from and what it ate! Thanks!

goats are very much useful, from the dirt alone is useful especially meat, bones and skin all can be utilized. greeting steemit

Very beautiful animals, great post, thanks for sharing


Thank you.

Your a good person for offering a helping asset to humanity!


LOL - I like to help out, and to bless others! Thanks.

@papa-pepper I am so Grateful I got to bottle feed the Farm Animals when I was a kid. It helped me to understand the work involved in Ranching and Farming. It is a Great Feeling to have the little ones tug at the milk bottle in your hand...........


It is a great feeling!

What an awesome new level of experience to gain!
Building a community of like minded folks to become a tribe!
Learning from others is how we gain the knowledge to survive and thrive...


Well said!


This post reminds me of cartoon shaun the sheep. That's a great job. 😉


nice job and nice post

I got a couple of goats for my wife for xmas, and it looks like they are already expecting mommies! They got out one day and decided to hook up with the buck down the road and well, looks like Ill be learning how to bottle feed livestock soon! XD


Bah ha ha! Better fix your fence!!
Best of luck! Hope they werent too young!


Indeed! I have them at a goat farm near by til i get proper housing.

Good content and quite an interesting read. Thanks a lot.

outstanding @papa-pepper . good job.


Thank you.

Loved the writing, and good job rearing animals is good work , we need to grow such habbits among youth, we dont find lambs in our locality, i read abt it on books only nice to see blog related to lamb

nice article, i enjoy taking milk also.

nice article, i enjoy taking milk also.

Hi guys like my posts

That is too are going to learn so much!

For those who still eat meat

Haha I prefer cow flavored tofu 🙃😂

just a lamb and already on the bottle.
so first feed a lamb, then butcher a cow, I couldnt handle that type of lifestyle.


Well, its not for everyone, I suppose...


It has it's moments.

lambs, aren't they cute. Many years ago I worked for a sheep rancher on the salmon river. I worked in a lambing shed. Pulled lambs, vacinated, and fed over 30 bummers(rejected) lambs. I even milked a few of those wild ewes for the colostrum. It was a great experience. I'm encouraged to see you younger folks out there digging in! love it

You reminded me of my grandparents' farm as they taught me how to feed them and enjoy that pleasant moment with my grandparents.

Greetings from Venezuela I hope we can continue reading


Cool! Glad to hear it!

Good idea


Thank you!

interesting story, I am very happy to read it.
I always wait for your post @papa-pepper

4 years without buying meat from the store! That awesome and super healthy, Good for y’all


Yeah, they are doing well at @shalomacres!

Nice post...

lambs are as active as you on steemit:)

I hope you have a great night @papa-pepper.

we dont have lambs here..cute ones..i too want to rare one at home :)

Sheep are on my list to try raising.
I love that they only need grass to grow nice and plump. ;)
Seems like a fairly easy meat source, and they would be compatible with my goats.
Nice work!

First snow horses, now nocturnal lambs.. I see you have a very interesting life.. What will be next ..?

You who have more power here at Steemit, you could talk and encourage people to be smarter with the massive use of plastic, mainly because is a huge problem for animals!

What amazing ideas you have for your sustainable living! Love the lamb photos...too cute!

homestead is quite challenging @papa-pepper! from the look of things you are doing a great job lol.

this is very good work my friend @papa-pepper.
his sheep's companion why in milk, what parent again not enough milk.

I grew up on a farm so this was part of everyday, to feed the lambs and I really feel such a shame for children who are not able to do this - Thank you for bringing back memories

Homesteading has it's highs and lows. But the key is to keep moving forward. I was lucky to have only had twin baby goats. We never raised sheep.

@papa-pepper, @Kryptik in chat said you might be able to tell me where all the homesteaders go to chat. I searched homesteading and didn't find a channel there.

I would love to find a Permaculture or homesteading channel.


Join Link:
Community Link:

Those should work. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.


Not a problem, I know that you have been very busy, and appreciate your reply. Thank you, I will look into those. @papa-pepper


Cool, glad that you got that!

It's great to lend a hand and learn along the way!

The lambs are just so cute! I can't blame them for liking root beer. I do too. I can't wait to read the next post. I need to learn about butchering my own meat.

Hello I am new to #steem. I seen your post and am goimg tofollow you and upvote. The reason is I am into hometeading, prepping, and servival. I look forward to your next post. Thank you

We had a pet lamb when I was a kid. It was always fun feeding him. Feeding calves was also fun. The ones that didn't have a bottle would suck on your fingers.

Have fun tomorrow ;-)


These tried to get the fingers!

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Waoo.. Nice story.. Thanx for shots so i can also enjoy this feeding scene.. Idea also good to feed little bdz..


It was very cool to feed them!


Yeah i can see it..

Safe Journeys on an interesting mission. Many blessings to your family. HOpe it's ok to share your stories with my Third Edition of JT STEEM MAGAZINE

since I joined this community, I have discovered your write, post and content are always good and interesting. That's why I love commenting on your post.its a good one papa-pepper


Thank you very much!

A brutal man hugs a cute animal. It's so cool! I love your attitude to nature!


Thank you!

Early on bottle feeding is fun, towards weaning time they can be a handful for the kids to feed as they can get very demanding, there is no connection between the top of their head and their brains, they will keep butting trying to get more bottle, or someone else's bottle

cute lamb :)

Imitating the life of Christ... the good shepherd

Best content, please follow back. Oke friend

Jajaja so cute. Saludos, éxitos!

Is there a reason why the babies are rejected? If they were in the wild would they be left to die? Following your homesteading journey is fascinating man!

you look like ali g in the pic haha

Nice post

Amazing and informatif . beautiful art post and have deep meaning

All I see is green white green! Nigerian flag!

Awwww, you care so much for these animals, it's adorable