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This is one of the primary reasons that we keep ducks.

The eggs are very useful to have. For one, yes, we can eat them, and they are delicious. However, they can be hatched too, which leads to more ducks. For me, this is almost like printing our own ducks, and it is vary fun. Plus, you get tiny little ducklings to enjoy. I know that the @little-peppers really like that part too!


Here is a shot of some of the eggs that we have around here. Interestingly enough, steemit has played a role in them too. On the far left is a duck egg. While our original Muscovy ducks were given to us by some neighbors, we did share about it here on steemit when it happened. The next one in the row is a chicken egg. We are really happy with our chickens and they have been faithful layers for a long time.

Up next is the Guinea Fowl egg. These are cool because we only recently began getting eggs from our guinea fowl. Moreover, we have our Guinea Fowl because @vcelier and @matthewtiii helped pitched in so we could purchase them. They supplied some STEEM & SBD which helped to fund these birds for our homestead when they were just little keets. Thanks guys, it looks like we might have another generation of them soon!

Then, on the far right, we have a quail egg. We do not have any quail yet, but we are thinking that we should one day. The quail egg in the photo came from @armadillocreek, who is just one of the steemians in our community that raises quail. I think it is interesting to be able to have such a wide variety of eggs on our homestead right now, because for many years I only ate the white eggs from the grocery store.

As we attempt to hatch out some ducklings, chicks, and keets this year, we will let you know how it goes! We had a few ducklings and chicks last year, so we are looking forward to more this year. Obviously, I really enjoy #homesteading and a very pleased to be a part of the wonderful steemit community! Steem on my friends!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

GIF provided by @anzirpasai



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I love Ducks, they always make me remember my young age. I had 5 ducks then but they later flew off and never returned back home.


Printing ducks ahha.
Well that little egg with dots is kinda different o.O

What as different egg

Proof of duck egg 😂


Yup! Just so you all know that it is a #truestory.

That is a nice assortment of eggs, @papa-pepper. You are missing one about a turkey egg? I have thought about getting a couple and raising them for our Thanksgiving/Christmas celebrations. I haven't had a fresh turkey for many years. Here the only type you can get is the frozen Butterball variety at $100 per bird! I'd rather have duck or chicken, thanks.

@papa-pepper do you have the eggs of an ostrich

I also like to consume eggs, because eggs are rich in protein and good for the skin


Eggs are a perfect food. Everything necessary to support life and in the exact quantities needed.

Wooh after hardwork by papa you really take good care of them am sure they will still lay more egg

Egg is very good dad for post @papa-pepper health is very useful for many people, I always follow your blog @papa-pepper

wow looks so great :D
btw i liked it.

Very interesting, I think quail eggs are very tasty especially when eaten while warm must be very tasty. thank you for sharing proof @papa-pepper

I always look forward to the day I can also start homesteading, @papa-pepper! Got many plans in mind on what animals to have (I'll surely have ducks) and crops to plant. I bet it's sweet when harvest day finally comes and you reap what you sow.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this, and keep up the great homesteading work! 😄

Wow you have so many animals :D It's nice to see...

It is sad that most people only know about white grocery store eggs. That is how I grew up. I became aware of the variety of types of eggs when I lived in Indonesia. I found that the daily markets provided fresher products. I bet you are experiencing the same.

GREAT news from the homestead!
When my son was raising chickens, ducks, pheasants and a few quail... a few of his ducks started laying eggs but we never had a chance to taste them; as my grandma would scoop them up! She loved duck eggs and we were told under no circumstances to eat them... they were ALL hers!


Ouch! What a grandma!

Amazing egg.
I breakfast just egg and rice.

quail eggs love the view of it. it looks so beautiful.


It is a beautiful egg! We really like them too.

it's very true @papa-pepper, we also keep the ducks.
but we also sell some of the eggs and we also eat some of them,
the most we eat green duck eggs, it could be a cure for and can strengthen the weak body.

Blessings all round, Papa.

This calls for celebration 😂

I love free-range eggs. The yokes become orange in the summer and have a full, dare I say gamey, flavor after including insects in their diets in the warmer weather. For about three years I purchased them from a family about 3 miles from my home. Our town council voted to not allow chickens in my area and I found their decision disappointing and their reasoning just dumb. They claimed they did not have money in the budget for enforcement. I volunteered to be the enforcer and split the fine money with them, but no takers. You are able to hatch chicken eggs without breeders? I learned that apparently not all chickens hatch the eggs they lay. Too much domestication I read where their eggs have been taken for human food for so many generations of birds that they would no longer sit on them.

@papa-pepper I have never eaten duck egg before. Wondering how they will taste 🤤

you should put them all in one omelet.

wow! happy for you and rhe whole fam @papa-pepper , that is the real prize of homesteading . ❤️❤️❤️

What is your method for cleaning the eggs before eating. I know store eggs have been treated, but what's your method at home?


When we want to eat them, we just wash them off. Soap, water, rinse...

Ha! Nature's lil' 3D printer. We are certainly happening upon some new ways of describing ancient processes. I guess this one never needs a hardware upgrade.


That's right, they all hatch in 3D!

Haha, that's how I described hatching out eggs, printing our own chickens, (or ducks). We dont keep ducks anymore, (they were waay too poopy, and not productive enough), but we did love those eggs! I miss them...
a setting muscovy hen

Good post @papa-pepper
A very nice duck egg, I love to see it, have a nice day, I always liked your posts

Wow, I'm so happy for you, because duck laying eggs are not very easy sometimes. It takes more attention, more precautions and more.

Ducks: nature’s 3D printers! What kind of volume are you getting from your ducks? How many di you have and how many eggs a day?