How to Build a Drying Table for Salad Mixes Post Harvest

Learn how to build a drying table to dry all of your field cut or baby greens and salad mixes. Drying your greens using this table will allow you to extend the shelf life of your greens mixes up to 2 weeks! Be sure to check the links below for my other post harvest station build videos and links to the products I used to build them. As always this is a DIY project using many recycled parts.

This drying table is made from 1/4" stainless steel hardware clothe, 2 Lasko fans, and some recycled wood.

Lasko Fans -
1/4" Hardware cloth 3ft x 50ft -
Bailing Wire -
Wire Snips -
Zip Ties -

Salad Spinner Washing Machine -

The Wash Table -

Post Harvest Station -

Post Harvest Station + Drying Table -

Michael Kilpatrick Salad Spinner and Greens Bubbler Courses:

-Some links above provide commissions to help fund the content on this channel. I only recommend products I use or believe in.

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Mel Bartholomew's "Square Foot Gardening" - Great for beginner growers -
Toby Hemenway's "Gaia's Garden" - For everyone, learn ecology, soil building, permaculture, holistic garden design-
Masanobu Fukuoka's "The One Straw Revolution" - Inspirational book, Introduction to natural farming/philosophy -

-These are for farming/growing techniques and business/sales/marketing/operations strategies:
JM Fortier's "The Market Gardener" -
Curtis Stone's "The Urban Farmer" -
Ben Hartman's "The Lean Farm" -

Julian Avila : Song promoted by No Copyright Music Library :


Hey Buddy ! Thanks for sharing with the steemit community your valuable informations about gardening and homesteading 👍

Im a big foodie 😂 and steem eat and repeat, so also your other posts contain great food and nutrition infos for me 👌

See u later ;-)

Sweet dude so glad you are enjoying the content. I think growing our own food and nutrition is really important to the decentralization movement. Glad to meet another person who loves real food!

Good innovation. You have a creative mind and patience too. You recycle the washing machine into a good used.This is a good idea to dry the salad so that it can last for few weeks. Thank you for sharing

Thanks! Ya having the salad greens dry is the key to long lasting greens!

Thanks! Ya having the
Salad greens dry is the key
To long lasting greens!

                 - naturealwysright

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Thank you this is a huge blessing

Unless that washing machine was defective that you recycled it, I wonder if there is no salad spinner in the market that you really have to go through all those stuff? Good work though. You are very patient in going through all of those stuff to re-invent the washing machine. It takes very good electronic knowledge to do that.

They have hand powered ones for hundreds of dollars. I made the salad spinner for $50 and it's automatic :)

Wow, that's a heaping savings! And automatic, huh! Maybe you can put up a mini-manufacturing plant for salad spinner. 👍

It is a good idea to build up such drying table yourself, you know exactly how much space you have and sometimes you can't get the right size when you buy in shop, but also you know exactly the type of wood and make sure they have a protective layer of paint against woodwurm and moist. I like the mesh that you put underneath and everything looks so easy and straight forward. Thanks for sharing @naturealwysright

Cheers, from Art-supporting blog @art-venture

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howdy sir naturealwysright! I really like your design and the way it is so simple but strong, like those locking pieces to hold the table up in place with just one screw, it's very clever!
So how long does it take to dry out the salad with this table?

Thanks so much! After I spin the salad in my washing machine spinner, it takes about another 10 minutes mixing under the fans to be ready to bag and sell.

well howdy there on this fine Saturday morning sir naturealwysright! well it's such an efficient system which you've engineered there and very impressive so great job!

Bookmarked this for future projects to do. I want my green leafy garden indoors and I might tinker around with some edible greens to see which suits the weather I live in and how much costs I need to take care of it. Resources to build this doesn't come cheap from where I live in. Thanks for the reference and congratulations on being upvoted by curie!

Sweet hope it helps you! Ya try to find things people are getting rid of or recycling. Many kinds of business discard wood that can be used. Thanks, Curie is the best!

This is two in one :) It's a how to tutorial and a recycling project as well. These posts are always welcome, I hope there are many users who are going to benefit from it. It's easier to buy it but why not try to do it yourself when you can, right? Congratulations by the way, good job!

[email protected] I love doing these upcylce projects, makes it more of a challenge to build, saves money, and less trees cut down :)

Healthy thinking :)

Well dang,

I wish I had seen this a couple months ago, I could have used something similar. I actually bundled the greens up and hung in a window with some air flow from an attic fan. It seemed to work but your's is way cooler and can probably double for a couple of other things as well I would say it would be good for completely drying most of my herbs and roots etc. I just use screen frames now, but the added air flow might speed the time up a bit.
Loved the post and congrats on the well-deserved curie vote.

Totally! Ya it can be used for other things as well. Glad you found the video useful!

It could also be handy in a greenhouse too or a potting table that doesn't hold water.

Hey BTW do you ever get on the Global Homestead Collective discord? If you drop their banner on a post like this you might get even more support from them and I think they also pass out some of their private crypto for using the banner...

Join Us On Discord.

I think I've seen you around there before but can't be completely sure, so if you are already a member just ignore my ignorance.

I used to go on discord a bit, I'll check the group out. Thanks for the heads up on the group and banner!

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