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RE: Using Chop-and-Drop to Build Abundance on Your Homestead

That is a hell of a post!

Soon as I get things going, I'm giving up on compost. This shit is hard work lol

I've got three big 8foot round by 3 foot high piles and plans for at least two more. I need to get to work on that... Perhaps you'll know this: I saw a guy previously that had a two acre food forest that he kept his chickens in. Do you remember who that is and what his model is? I'd like to imitate it in a small scale.


Thank you! Ya, I have tried composting before and just don't like it. I do make cold compost though - takes the material about a year of sitting around to turn into compost but you never need to turn it. Basically the lazy man's composting! ;)

Hmm... I have seen a few permaculture people do that to various degrees. Let me see if I can find some of the videos...

I think Geoff Lawton shows this in his tour video of Zaytuna Farms:

There is also this one:

I'm sure there are some others but those 2 videos keep coming to mind...

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