The Homestead SMOKEHOUSE and Smoked Trout - PLUS VIDEO

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Tuesday is date night here on the homestead and this week we decided to go ahead and cook the last of the trout we caught on our recent fishing trip. But instead of just cooking it, we decided to smoke it in the cold smoker.


We have been using this cold smoker on the homestead for about 3 years now and have smoked lamb, deer, trout, salmon, beef, salami and lots of salt for flavoring and sale on our website.

We are thinking about replacing the main pipe sometime this summer. It has really weathered badly and gets full of carbon and heavy creosote. We'd also like to replace the floor with a concrete or something similar as it tends to get hot as it is now. For those wanting to build a smoker on their homestead, I'd highly recommend this cold smoker. A hot smoker is designed to cook your meat while a cold smoker is more of a preservation and flavor enhancer tool.

Cold smoking meat dates back to the earliest recorded works of man. And there is a reason people are still doing it today. IT TASTE GOOD!

Here is the barrel stove that is located about 10 feet away from the actual smoke house. The wood (mostly green wood) is burned here and the smoke travels up the 8 inch pipe to the smoke house.


You can make a barrel stove from any barrel. They sell the kits online that include everything needed to turn a barrel into a stove. It's a simple job of cutting away the metal and placing in the frame and door that will be used to open and close when feeding the fire.

Open her up and let the smoke out so we can see and smell what the homestead is cooking!


You can see from the picture above that the smoker gets a lot of use. YUMMY TROUT!


My family loves fish. Smoked fish is even better. Actually, smoked anything is better. You could smoke almost anything to make it taste good!


Interested in building your own smoker like this one? We after much demand drew up the plans for you and offer them on our website. This would be a wonderful summer project for your homestead or family farm.

Download them here:

Here is the build video:


Visit Us Online:




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This one is very similar to ours. We built ours in December 2013. Really good post!

Smokehouse - with stove3A1 crop December 2013.jpg


Excellent design! Very nice!


I like this one too!

Beautiful smoked trout. I've tried the American Homestead smoked salt. It is fabulous. Delicious sprinkled on eggs over easy. @ironshield


Love my over easy eggs and smoked salt!

Another excuse to play with fire? :))) This might have to be a future project because the Husband loves smoking meat. Wonder if he could smoke deer jerky...


It's always a good day to play with fire.

Awesome that you have the plans finished and uploaded, sharing for others!

Zac....I'm out of salt and the jar looks so sad empty! I enjoyed using this container, is there anyway to get say a baggie of salt as a replacement so I can still use this container?


Those jars are awesome! Unfortunately we can't get them in bulk anymore as I think they were discontinued. We have the new jars now and they are reusable too. I would still use that container and just move the salt over. Maybe @hansjurgen can sell you a baggie of salt. I have another batch in the smoker today. Contact us through the website and we will get you taken care of!

Thanks for posting

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Looks delicious! I love fish and sea food with veggies :) It is the best way to cook food and grill steaks or sausages.

Yea we are definitely planning on building a smoke house!!! I'm with you 100%, everything tastes better smoked.

We have a little ways to go before building one, but I imagine that by next summer we will have one. We have to build everything on the homestead right now except for a compost toilet and a tool shed.... RV living at it's best starting this June.

Thanks for sharing your trout smoking, it's inspiring.

Hey, @mericanhomestead, I had a question about the gully made of stones coming from the opening of the stove. It's pretty but what is it's purpose?