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An CBS news article earlier this week was published on how occupational farmers in America are now the most likely to commit suicide apart from other occupations. They give a number of potential reasons for the large increase among farmers compared to other careers. But this is CBS so there is an underlying message here inside the article.

Here are the three main reasons:

  1. Bad Economy
  2. Bad Healthcare
  3. Climate Change

I don't buy into any of those. I could be wrong but I seriously doubt that those reasons are going to dramatically raise the levels of suicide among farmers.

Farmers have always struggled with the economy and bringing their products to market to get the best price. Farming is generally not a career choice for someone wanting to get rich. Farmers have always struggled with adequate healthcare. The rich have always had better healthcare and as we have already established the point, farmers are not rich. And then there is climate change. Farmers have had to battle with weather since the beginning of time. So no, not buying that.

So what are the real reasons? I explore the possible answers.

Give me your reasons you believe that in the last few years, farming is the occupation with the most suicides.




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There are several reasons - if in agribusiness knowing the problems of pesticides and toxins in the food you sell, the utter boredom of mono-culture farming that is not healthy for the soil or soul or animals, perceiving a financial and freedom trap because you are at the mercy of large distributors, feeling underappreciated - however I would say that small organic farmers are the least likely to commit suicide and I would like to return to that lifestyle again someday!

I would agree with you. We are hopeful our kids will want a part of this land. But it's their choice. The stress of raising healthy livestock and relying on that to make a profit. We've had some terrible years and some profitable years, but Yah has always brought us through. Perhaps the stress level would go down with a good rest day? Just sayin!


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I don't buy any of it either.
The news media lie alot and they love to inflate numbers.
Suicide is one of their favorite things.

But just suppose they have a few facts almost close..

I had a farmer for a neighbor back in the day. Once we had a talk. In the course of the conversation I learned that government subsidies are where he made his profit. Otherwise he was loosing money.

As with most things then, the root of the problem is government.


I know that’s the case for corn. I’m pretty sure government subsidies is the only thing keeping corn alive. That’s one crop I hope we never take on.


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The pragmatist in me says it is a direct result of the high stress of the farming lifestyle (I say lifestyle because it is more than just an occupation for a lot of people). Stress is caused by many factors weather, working in a highly regulated market, low income for the small traditional farmer, worrying about loosing your farm to the banks / tax-man, little respect from those you feed, etc.... and then pile on top of all that seeing your children reject that life and moving away, it would be more than a lot of people could bear, I would think.

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


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Yes, that is very stressful to see that everything that you worked for just go to wast just because the family does not want live on the land that you worked all your life.

Why do you think the occupational hazard of farming has the highest suicide rate in America today?

Relying on 'science' rather than God for producing food. 'Science' has it out for the farmer. 'Science' would have the farmer rendered obsolete, with government owned, indoor growing, genetically customized, low-cost production. If you want a purple banana, that can be arranged. But this is an abomination in the eyes of God. He made the seed (not the scientist), He made the plant, He made the soil, He does the growing. Being a farmer working WITH God, would lead to happiness. Being a farmer working AGAINST God, could lead to suicide.


Some opinions from my husband (a grain farmer) and myself. I think the economy is a legit reason. The prices of equipment, seed, fertilizer etc is going up, all while the markets are controlled by those in Wall St. It’s to the point where you either go big or go home. Of course, then if you go big, it takes up all of your time. We see a lot of land leaving families because there weren’t any kids interesting in taking over. The number of young new farmers are really declining, which is why we see some farmers getting bigger and bigger. I know my husband is a believer in keeping land in the family, even if it means just renting it out to a local farmer. My husband also mentioned farmers are too proud to seek out help if they are having trouble. (So regardless if they increase suicide prevention, it doesn’t work if the person isn’t willing to seek it!)

I don't believe any of it.
Main reason why I quit watching TV or listening to msm is because they do not know truth.
I can see farmers dying from accidents or chemical over dose from the roundup.
The drugs make you suicidal...


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End the minimum wage.
End the welfare state.
End the federal reserve.
End the federal reserve.
End subsidies to international shipping entities.
End subsidies to corporate farming.

In other words, end socialism.


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I'd say its the billions of regulations/hoops they make farmers go through just to have a farm, and of course all the regulations/hoops they make them hop through to become even remotely profitable. It also probably has something to do with the fact that most small farms have been killed by bigger companies that make it almost impossible to make a living as a farmer anymore, unless you're lucky enough (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) to be part of a multi-generational farm/homestead. :D
Its crazy the size of the quotas and the amount of paperwork they expect you to complete, sometimes more than once, and the costs associated with starting a small farm/homestead aren't conducive to getting new farms up and running either. These are all factors that could raise someone's stress levels so high they'd do something drastic like that.
Its shameful the way they are destroying farm life, a life that is supposed to bring peace and tranquility just adds more stress that we all don't need but our governments don't care, they just want more, more, more, and they want to pay less and less for it. I can understand why some people feel that death is the only way for their family to get ahead, but they really don't get ahead because they'll lose one of the key components to their lives when they lose their loved one to suicide.
These are, of course, just my personal opinions and everyone will have their own, some may disagree with me and that's okay. We are all entitled to opinions. :D I'm very grateful that I live in a country that lets me state my personal opinions without fear of retribution, some people aren't that blessed. :D I hope God blesses all the farmers/homesteaders out there. :D
God bless you and your family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

I'm sure you as well as seen more and more Torah observant people wanting to get away from the cities and move to a more rural location.


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lol, sounds like they want to blame Trump! my guess it would be because most farmers live in rural areas and people in rural areas can more easily become isolated socially and social isolation causes suicide.

I discount everything they say, because it is spun at best, and mostly fabricated!

I would like to know if any of those farmers had anything on Hillary....

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i like it

It must have been a slow news day! I don't buy it either. I think you on to something when you say everyone is pinning their hopes on the kids taking over but that is not necessarily true. Kids have their own hopes and dreams. There is no doubt that farming/homesteading is stressful. And yes everyone gets depressed sometimes. I would agree that doctors and pharmaceuticals like to push the happy pills which have been proven to cause more suicides than prevent.

The cost of health insurance is a huge burden and a constant stress for us. Tax deductible yes but we have to come up with the money to pay for it to start with.