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RE: Wild Edible Field Pennycrest

in #homesteading5 years ago

Happy New Year! Have hardly been on steemit the last few weeks. Have mostly been negotiating a family Christmas and visiting friends during a visit to Ireland. Hmmm, I don't know this pennycrest!


I hope you have had a wonderful time. I have missed seeing you and was afraid something might have happened. I am glad to here you have had such a GOOD busy time, lol.

lol - yes, I remember you were wondering about me last time I went on radio silence so that I had better check in with mom ;) he he he

Yeah, I am bad about that. I worry about people I like. I have been known to drive half way across the country to check up on someone, lol.

I'm imagining the look on the person's face when they opened the door to you! he he

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