What critters has your barn cat brought to your front stoop? I have a real mouser on my hands but that has not been all!

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~So here is the list of critters she has brought in the house.~
*When a kitten she brought me a pigmy rattler (I looked for the pictures but came up empty, but it was 10 years ago!) That fortunately happened when my husband was home. He used the usual shovel method to kill the rattler once I broomed it out the front door. It was early in the morning, remember it like yesterday, needless to say, I was fully awake after seeing her trot in with that!

She shared a squirrel with her boyfriend when she was about 1 year old. Can not claim she caught that as I think it was a gift from her suitor.
On her own I can remember,
-a baby bunny (that was sad)
-many mice and birds over the years
-two months back, a rat...ate it tail first...watched her through the front window. She ate that in record time as well, saw her through the front window.
and most recently:

Here she is yesterday with her little bird :/ After meowing really loud to show me at the front door, this was eaten in amazing speed (like under a minute!) ~It is not like I do not feed her she is so spoiled and gets raw milk or some kind of treat daily.~

For a ten year old cat my "Scratch" is amazing...I wish I had her muscle tone. She jumps from the tree to the roof in a snap! (Sorry this one is a bit blury.)

Here she is with the only boyfriend she ever had! Then we fixed her and her face now always looks grumpy! We still love her though! "Oliver" left us about a year after that. He was the sweetest cat I have ever encountered. She never did have kittens :/

NO Privacy in this barnyard!

All original works (even the barn watercolor behind the cat!) copyright @joearnold2017

Philippians 4:13
13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Happy day to all!
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Your kitties are nice, I have 2 of them. But hey I really love that shelf you have attached to the wall, that is handy. My partner builds things as he is a carpenter, so I am just gonna steal that idea, if you don;t mind. LOL

Thrilled you will copy it ...i love it also ..spotted it at an auction!

Most recent thing I got was a squirrel. I've got a beast of Tom.

I remember your kitty post....it was a sad day, you had lost one recently from the group...I am sure they are all getting big now. :)
Have a great day!

The males yes, their sister still look like a kitty yet 😊

So, our cat would daily bring in any imaginable rodent or small bird. Cleaning off the porch was a daily routine. All your standard mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits of differents sizes. It got interesting when she started getting weasels, though. In total she's brought in 4. They are nasty and have sharp teeth. What you need to know is that this is a small, very innocent looking white cat. Then there was the few times she squared off with a fox... I think her inner wisdom kicked in when she realized that this was too much work and might not be worth the fight. A very intelligent and crazy cat.

They always are ...she was a really good mouser! Thank you for taking the time to comment! following your blog you are an amazing artist!
Happy Day

Oh thank you!

My cat Checkas only just started feeling comfortable outside a few years ago, she is about 17yrs old and was mostly an inside cat when we got her. she sometimes brings in small lizards from our yard and lets them go inside the house. i posted article about her recently if you are interested


Our kitty likes to leave us mice heads and gut sacks on the back door mat. Sometimes feathers from a small bird.

amazing isn't it! Kitties are different but I do enjoy their entertainment factor. :) Thank you for stopping by. It is effort today it seems to comment. Slow, duplicates, maybe working better now.

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