SO what is cooking from Scratch? For me, it is how they cooked 80 years ago? It is a bit murky when you grew up in the 70’s with the Advent of Hamburger Helper!

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My girls on the pump pipes! See I told you I used to have chickens! They are extremely entertaining!

For me, probably like most homesteaders, it is how they cooked 80 years ago?
I take this preserved meat from my grass-fed cow that is stored in my icebox refrigerator (modern day freezer) and grind it in an electric meat grinder. (So happy mine is electric because it is so much less labor intensive than the hand crank one I have stuffed somewhere in my cupboard!)

In this case, it was a couple of tip roasts, through the grinder and viola, hamburger meat!

When butchering our own cattle I made an error in regard to my cuts requested. In the future I will make sure I think carefully about how much hamburger meat our family uses versus roasts. Next time I will order my cows to be chopped into 80 % hamburger and keep only the ribs, porterhouses, liver, and a few pot roasts. Most everything I make, from tacos to spaghetti my family prefers it made with hamburger meat.

Next, I take my fresh tomatoes and boil them down for the sauce.

This go round, I realized I was out of paste and that I have my next canning project. So instead I used dehydrated tomatoes hoping that will do the trick. The garlic came next and the dehydrated onion, since I was out of fresh onion. I usually add bit of maple syrup to take off the bitter edge, then the oregano, basil, salt, pepper and today I added a little bit of rosemary. An old cook like me, measures very little except rice.

This may be labor intensive but I absolutely know where almost every ingredient has come from and the authenticity of its source. When a wife and stay at home mom goes the extra mile she is creating job security :) Well, here is hoping! :) I actually say that out loud when they track up my newly mopped floor! It is a release for me and they are not insulted by my fussing.

Here is the final product! Sunday's Spaghetti!

Well there were a few tips to learn in this post, hopefully you enjoyed it!
Happy Day!
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Ephesians 2:8-9
8 For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and this not from yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9 not by works, so that no one can boast.…


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You know, I was pondering this question myself recently. For many of my family cooking involves plating up and reheating things. So if I prepare everything in advance they'll "cook". when I first met my husband he told me he could cook. It turned out he could make beans on toast! Lol! So he could toast some ready made bread and reheat a tin of beans. Would cooking from scratch essentially be making the bread and baked beans yourself? Of course making all that every single meal time would be a bit much, but they could possibly be prepared and preserved previously.

I feel it is! Scratch to me is knowing from the beginning where it all comes from and what it contains. For instance every time we eat out I know I am getting canola oil aka rape seed oil...A carcinogen, but I take it in stride, as we seldom eat out! It is a real treat when we do and so I try not to think about it. It does all take time. I found that when I was teaching school the crock pot was my friend. :) THank you for commenting!
Have a great Day!

I bet that tastes a lot better than my spaghetti! tip! 0.5 for the Bible Verse. :-)

Thank you so much! God's work is my pleasure!

All for His glory! :-)

It's lot easier these days

It can be ...but is that best?
Happy day!

Great post. Best of luck

Thank you ...following ..i see you are new! Happy Day

Your girls on the pump pipes)) Very nice :) Thanks for sharing. Undoubtedly, I will try to cook it. Looks delicious!

I enjoyed seeing them there some time back ...when I saw the picture made me smile as well...great memory!

I love pasta. The one shown in the photo looks delicious. Greetings and blessings.

Hard to beat Italian!
Love and blessings

Excellent Post

Thank you! Many blessings to you and yours!

It was interesting. This cracked me up.

Next time I will order my cows to be chopped into 80 % hamburger and keep only the ribs, porterhouses, liver, and a few pot roasts.

Well, Spaghetti looks really very delicious. :)

What else is there? Glad you were amused! Happy Day!

I will love to get the small house done so I can go back to cooking like this. I miss being able to scratch make a meal or bake a cake or cookies and even bread. We have had to do a lot of the hamburger helper type things and it just does not taste right. It will be soon I hope as I am pushing healing after knee surgery and then pusing to get it done.

Do not push too more raw stuff in the happy time! You just had surgery young man! After two broken feet myself, it is great to be up and running again so to speak...but no set backs...Glad you checked in ...:) You must be feeling better as you are thinking about your projects. :)

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