Planting Lettuce In A Deep Mulch Garden Bed | Talking About Permaculture

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I'll be showing you a way to plant multiple different types of lettuce in a heavily mulched garden bed. I would also love to know what type of lettuce you love to eat or grow.
By pound, lettuce is one of the most expensive vegetables. If you eat a lot of lettuce this would be a great way to save on your grocery bill. A pack of lettuce seeds can cost you from $1.99 to $3.99. You will pay at least that for a bag of lettuce at the store but with the pack of seeds you can grow at least 10 times as much for the same price. It is a perfect time of year for the northern hemisphere to be planting lettuce. I hope this encourages you to grow some of your own.

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The roosters are seeing up quite a chorus! How many do you have?
Do you ever plant seeds direct? If so, how would you go about doing that in a mulched bed?

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