"The View From The Homestead" (Steemit Photo Challenge #1-2-3)

in homesteading •  2 years ago  (edited)

This is my morning view from the front porch. I live in the Appalachian Mountain chain. My homestead is located in the valley. I see deer in this meadow every day. I see wild turkeys about every 2 days. About 20-30 have come strolling through my front lawn at one time.


Winter View


Sleep Time View

Camera: Nikon P100
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Very good photos. Please provide some info on your equipment and exposure data.

I am a novice but am learning. I have an old Nikon P100. It's slow but does okay. Thanks for the comment. I look forward to participating in @photo-trail .

You have a very beautiful homestead!! Man, I will have to share my horror snow images of this last winter. It was AWFUL. Haha.

Thanks... Sound like a good future story! I would like to see them. I have been snowed in for about 1 week at a time. Needless to say, I have to be a prepper too! Are you all into prepping?

Not quite but probably heading that way. Lol. We're trying to store water for sure at the moment. One thing at a time. We've got chickens, ducks, and geese. Dunno if that counts as prepping!? Lmao.

We were basically snowed in off and on from December-late January! It was awful. We have only cars right now... Thankfully the neighbor (three miles away) came unprompted and plowed our driveway, TWICE! My husband didn't go into work for like two months. haha. Thankfully he can work from home!

Maybe you can make bunches of money on Steemit. The Homesteading/prepping community is growing fast on steemit. Some estimate 1 steem will be worth around 5.00 USD. We shall see.. Not that I am into finacial advising but I think Steem is a great investment. Anyway, It's been nice to learn about your area and living conditions.

Funny enough, I made a blog about steem being great for the homestead JUST today! I see its potential, and I see the use of gathering community on this site! I love it! https://steemit.com/steemit/@farmstead/why-steemit-is-great-for-your-homestead

Real great to learn and chat with you also!! Excited to see more from ya.

lol. thats too funny! I will check it out and have a friend throw ya a couple more dollars on the post. I appreciate the good conversation. Let me know if you need anything. :-)

Cool, thank you! Let me know if I can do anything for you as well!

Thanks for sending over your friend!!

No prob. We homesteaders have to stick together :-)

I love it! Looking at your pictures makes me realize how much I want land for my little family.

Thank you.. That would be wonderful for you! Best Wishes!


Yes!, Thanks!

I followed you, I could look at these photos all day!!!

Awesome! I returned the favor. Thanks for you kind comments!

The winter pic is really really good. Awesome.

Thank you kindly

Really makes me want to keep looking for a way to get out of the city even more now. First thing first though, get some things paid off then get the money saved to at least have some land. How much land do you have or would recommend at least?

I have been blessed with about 40 acres. I live in an unincorporated area. It could take up to 1 hour get fire/rescue in the event of an emergency. I have a few neighbors and we rely on each other. Some people might say.. why would you want to live like that? Well, there is a peace that I get when I can be self sufficient. Life goes by so fast and life seems to slow down a bit living as far out as I do. Having said that.. Homesteading to me is more of a mind set as opposed to owning actual property.. There are homesteaders that take a small area and try to live this lifestyle. I call them "urban homesteaders." They grow herbs and eat natural and not processed foods. Anyway, I wish you the best and have faith that you will find what you are looking for. So if you have less than an acre or 100 acres.. We all can be a homesteaders. Best wishes! @homesteader

Perhaps that is where I should start. I have a hydroponic bucket that I need to get my tomato plants going in. I really should learn to use what I have then. Thanks for the reply!

My pleasure.. Let me know how things go. Talk to you soon!

Very nice. I've hiked the northern Appalachian. Some amazing views and foliage in the Autumn

I love living here. Some day I would like to hike the entire Appalachian Trail. Thanks for the comment

Great Photos ,i love photographing interiors and Architecture to ,ive just joined and have a cool album on a burning man festival i went to in South Africa called Africa Burn , have a look at my photos and story please and let me know what you think you will like them Thanks Graham

Please do, I'd like to them. Thanks :-)

good pics

Thank you

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Good Photography... :)

Wow wow wow! The first photos.. is enchanting!

Following you!!!

Now that is a view worth waking up to.

lol.. Yes indeed!