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This is one of my favorite experiences in interacting with wild animals. So here is how to do it!


The Five Steps to Feeding Hummingbirds by Hand:

Start by attracting hummingbirds to your yard by using a sugar-water feeder and apply a Steemit image to its surface!


As more birds show up, start spending time near the feeder so that the hummingbirds get used to you.


Be patient! Once they get used to you, hold the sugar-water feeder in your hand. If you are patient, they should start feeding from the feeder you’re holding.


Next, place a small colorful container (cap) filled with sugar water in the palm of your hand. I took the flower insert from the feeder and placed it in the middle of the red cap.


Hold the cap away from your body. Avoid fast movements. Hide the full size feeder as this will give you a better chance. Again, be patient and stick with it! Before you know it, you will have the thrill of a hummingbird in your hand! (with Steemit's help.. of course)


I hope you enjoyed this story! If you did, resteem and share the hummingbirds with others!

Sources: Images are my own. Images shot with a Nikon P100

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Oh I love those birds. I hope I will take a picture one day. In the nature center there is a big fild they appear there. I will try this year ;) Great idea with the steemit ;)

amazing shots of those little guys! They can be the hardest to capture and you got'em!

It did take a lot of patience! Thanks for the comment!

Yes, pics are stunning!!!

I can say nothing but genius

lol, I wouldn't go that far but I appreciate the compliment! Take care!


love the logo on the hummingbird feeder!

It did add a nice touch :-) Thanks for the comment!

I think it helped attract the birds! haha

Good point.. I bet the bright blue colors assisted me. Thanks Steemit!

Steemit is even assisting the birds now!


great shots- beautiful creatures.

Thanks for the kind comments!

Cool - alas I don't think I'll ever see a hummingbird in Wales ( unless global warming really kicks in hard ).

Don't feel so bad......Some of the west coast USA doesn't have them either! lol Thanks for your comments!

You're welcome.

I've included this post in my Pick of the Week homesteading and prepping posts - hope that is okay.

Amazing creatures, hummingbirds

Yes indeed!

Did you know that a hummingbird's wings beat an astonishing 80 times per second, which is so fast that the motion is imperceptible to the human eye! During courtship displays, the bee hummingbird's wings can beat up to an incredible 200 times per second.

wow.. Thanks for the info! Did you know that they are also territorial? Any more than 2-3 at a single feeder causes a fight. lol Its funny to hear them! I am going to have to buy another feeder after this!

You're like a Steemit Jedi Nature Knight! Homesteader? Check Fellow Appalachian? Check

Got yourself another follower, and perhaps a local one. :)

Ingenious! You may want to market it!

Given the Hummingbirds abilities, I think it would make a great Steemit mascot! :-)

Gorgeous pics! Hummingbirds are my favorite, they have unbelievable in-flight mobility. This must have been an amazing experience. I get very lucky to see 1 hummingbird all year long!

I am glad you enjoyed them! Give it a try...maybe more will show up! :-) I saw a map with migration patterns. That was really cool. Thanks for the comment.

Wow! How long did it take you to be able to do that?

About 3 days from start to finish. Most of it was easy time because I have a rocker on my front porch that sits by the feeder. Needless to say, me and the hummingbirds had a relaxing time hanging out while they were getting used to seeing me. I just thought of the idea while watching them..Thanks for the question.

You're welcome. That's a lot less time than I was thinking, but what a way to spend your days! =)

Yes, I am blessed! Take care!

Thank you, and you as well!

cool stuff

Thank you for the comment! Glad you liked it!

Bahaha Who knew Steemit could be helpful to the hummers too? Thanks for this post, reminded me to make some sugar juice for them! Saw my first one out here yesterday!

Great! I usually make my own juice. I use 1 cup of water to 1/2 cup of sugar. This seems to work well for me. Thanks for the comments! I followed.

I've never heard that ratio! Always 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Man, I bet your hummers are hyperactive... haha

I miss spoke. I use two cups of water.. No wonder they fly so fast! Sugar high! lol

Well that's the same ratio then. Hahaha, I was a little worried about your little guys there for a second! Maybe I will one day have the patience to sit there and await a hummer... I've always wanted that experience. I might have to be old in order to sit still long enough...

I am only 43..come (Medically retired from the military.)

Bahaha. Wasn't a jab at ya, man! Haha.

Husband is broken from the military too. Just got out in 2015.

I just have not much, if any patience! I commend yours!

I know.. just being a smart ass. I have plenty to do around my 5 bedroom homestead. I live 40 minutes from the nearest grocery store and live in an unincorporated area. (No local government) Life is good!

I love this!! Do you have any issues with the feeder attracting wasps, too?

That is so awesome!!

I love it, thanks for sharing!

I love this so much! I'm going to have to try it! Hummingbirds are incredibly beautiful and fascinating!

I Live in panama and we have many types of hummingbirds here. I'll get a feeder next trip to town and try this.
I Have a humming bird story for you

Good post and beautiful in the eyes of my friends. I am glad to be able to visit your blog, visit my blog if there is free time.

I love hummingbirds. ...great post! You captured wonderful clear pictures! Love the steemit feeder :) :) Kayleigh upvoted and following

My daughter also loves hand feeding them!