Tour of Eco Home in Raven Rock Community!

in homesteading •  5 months ago

Catherine joins John and Wanda in their amazing sustainable home. Solar heated water, green house heated home, solar electric, and full home composting system!

Visit the site here:

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Very good work, I'm impressed with the arrangements for your trip, I think when you go to a place to visit, after a full day, you need a good environment to rest at night,
What do you think @homestead-guru

Just dropped by after our man @adamkokesh resteemed this great video to my feed.

This is the perhaps most detailed project for a environmental friendly home that I have come across in Steemit. I am not sure of the exact timeline but from the video I understood that it took couple, decades to make this house into what it is today.

I liked the practicality of every mechanism they have installed. The very architecture of the houses is motivated toward making it a more environmental friendly man made structure. Loved it!

What a great house and good job bringing this to the steemit community! subscribed!

a little disappointing? I do like house 7 though, but some of them feel a little too small. So far my fave houses are Grana 4 and Heidel 7-5, so I guess the sizes of those leave me a bit spoiled.

EDIT: just saw 11-2, looks really nice

Good to interview with u r fans and asking about there livings,i like new way to meet your fans

Great info on your site and subscribed to the newsletter - you folks are one of the cool waves of the future - sane and sustainable.

What a house soo beautiful