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RE: Using Chop-and-Drop to Build Abundance on Your Homestead

in #homesteading5 years ago

I never would have known what a hori-hori knife was, but it seems really useful.

Unfortunately my wife would complain non-stop if I used the chop and drop method in here flower gardens around the front of the house, but I would be all for it. Especially the holly bushes I have to trim all the time and the leaves are a pain to pick up.


Ya - I know that makes it hard for a lot of people to do chop-and-drop. If you ever but down beauty bark or something similar you could use that to cover up the chopped plant material. But I will add that if the material is put down in the fall it will be much much less obvious by the spring as long as the stuff is not too woody.

Lol my wife is the same way. She hates all my things and says they look trashy. No, lady, it looks NATURAL. Not row cropped and mono cropped.

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