That is not true for all of our founding fathers many did, however, not the pilgrims...Those seeking money...which we do not take with us beyond this earth...sorry you have such a negative view of my article...You stroke with a broader brush than perhaps is true history. Sadly, You proved my point.
love and peace,

William Bradford stole corn from the Indians to survive. George Washington owned slaves since he was eleven. Abraham Lincoln started a war that cost thousands of people there lives. I'm not being negative. I'm being factual.

If I was being negative I would not have said aim to be better than those people. They were human and weren't without their imperfections.

I'm sorry you twist history to paint a picture that bends to your christian views. I don't need to be an artist that beautifies history because I stick with facts and truth.

Our country was founded on christian beliefs, but those who founded our country were far from perfect.

i could not agree with you more!....All men are very flawed...hence the need for a Savior...My facts are very accurate/clear and are listed in nations registry of history! I never said they did not sin...however i disagree with your depiction of them and it is looking at the brought up these facts and you seem very angry...sorry you saw my post in such a way and felt the need to comment as such!
love and peace,

The Pilgrims soon fulfilled their promise to reimburse the Nausets. They sailed back across the bay and traded fairly with the Nauset chief, Aspinet, and formed a lasting friendship with the Nauset Indians.

Squanto and PilgrimsWord spread among the tribes of New England that the Pilgrims had righted the wrong they committed in their first desperate days in America. The Pilgrims had demonstrated a remarkable toughness in their survival on the beach, and now they proved to be honorable and honest people. They paid for the corn because they believed was the right thing to do, but it also turned out to be good diplomacy.

The fair dealings of the Pilgrims led to fifty years of peace with the Native Americans of New England. This peace allowed the Pilgrims, and the pioneers who followed them, to establish a foothold of freedom in America, and begin to build the democracy that would one day reach across the continent.

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