Recycling TV Fresnel Lens

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I took this apart and got a 26x45 spot fresnel lens.


It’s very powerful...


Brand new ones this size can cost up to $3800 for a quality one. Used they go for around $250.
The one I got is in near new quality and probably a re-sale value of about $200-300 to the right crowd.

TV companies buy in huge bulk to get the cost of fresnel lens down quite a bit but main reason tv's that use them cost so much.

I intend to frame this one in and build a solar laser to burn things and cook with. Something like these below...


These other lens came out of same tv. The first and outer layer lens is a clear plastic protective lens. The second is a fogged lens to cut any glare. The third is the fresnel lens which diffuses the projector lights to help create a quality viewing.




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These are great! Salvaged ones are getting hard to come by now over this way. There used to be heaps of these tvs dumped in the roadside but that was before we knew how useful the lenses are.
I managed to get 1 giant one and one good sized one. I also got some credit sized oned from ebay and found out you can use page magnifiers too... They're Fresnel too.
Made some awesome experiments last year but couldn't get them to melt metal like on YouTube.
Watch out for the two styles of focus. Not knowing about them can lead to a lot of frustration. One focuses as a point, the other style focuses as a line.

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i have 2 at 26x45 inch and both spot lens. have been lucky and not gotten a line lens. though the line is great for making solar ovens and working with solar fryers. i have some small ones credit card size also and one that is 6in x 4in. ive melted aluminum but not harder metals. this new one may be my strongest yet. green power science on youtube is the place for fresnel vids but they recently changed their name. these tv's are getting hard to find here to. a neighbor down the road threw this one out. got some glass magnifiers from it to.

Green power science. Thanks, I'll look them up. This year I'm making some semi-permanent mounts. Last year I just made some quick frames, mainly for protecting the lenses. They still allowed some movement and increased the difficulty of focusing them. When it worked though... Wow!

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Just checked out GPS... Great channel and they've been going for 9 years or so. I wonder why I didn't finfmd them before. Thanks for the tip!

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we started our channels relatively the same time. good info there. as for my lens i would like to frame it and place on a stand with adjustable legs and tiltable. got any pics of your you can pop in here?

I'll dig some pics up this evening.

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I just subscribed to your YouTube channel

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thank you. hope you enjoy it.

It's been awhile Doc, You doing well?

My Parkinson's Disease is getting worse but for the most part I am doing fine. Really busy with community projects lately.

Hope you find something that works... Tried the reefer?

Cool, My brother in law still has one of those style TVs...

dont let him throw it out before salvaging ;)

Thanks Doc, as always I learned something.

thanks for stopping by. :)

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