Once you have made the decision to provide for yourself off your land, you should also commit to starting a journal or at least have a calendar where you write down what you've done each day. Using your electronic devices to do this is ok, but have a printed copy as a backup.

2017 Hurricane Irma


This journal is so important because you are going to need to know what you did and when, what success did you have, how much time did it take, what was the weather like, who helped, what equipment was needed, etc.

Building Chicken Coops from Pallets


Especially needed if this project was your garden! You and only you have the microclimate that you experience on your property. Every building, tree, fence, berm, swale, thicket, woods, pond, hill etc maintains temperature, wind, and humidity differently for you than it does for someone else. By keeping a record of this daily (or almost daily) over the years you will see a pattern emerge and be able to pick the best areas to garden (and ones to avoid!)

From Seed Trays....


To Feeding 6 Families! Spring 2017


This journal will also be your legacy. That's right! Not just famous people get to leave a legacy! For us, we'll be leaving our homestead to our children. 200 acres split 5 ways. They will already have a sense of how things are since they grew up here, but as an adult they will appreciate being able to flip through the pages of the journal and learn new things, as well as walk down memory lane. Be sure to include photos, maps, diagrams, maybe even copies of legal paperwork. As I said, this is a very important book.

Building Our Cabin in the Woods


Survived Irma!


If this inspired you, please upvote and share! Let's make 2018 a year to remember!



1907 Farm Journal (not my site or photo) from

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I like to think of a well-written farm journal as a "Standard Operation Manual" for a farm.

It can help a farmer plan operations, plan for expansion and serve as an instruction manual for generations to come!


Very good points! We also write down where we can get parts for the tractor and who works on them etc. You just cant buy good info like that.

It is funny that you created and shared this post because just yesterday I started a journal! We purchased our 10 acres in August and I knew I would not have the time to start my garden as my dreams would have liked because of all the work that was involved in clearing and cleaning everything up. So yesterday I wrote in my journal about the clearing/cutting of weeds, implements and tools purchased, apple trees and grapes that were planted and the weather. Now that I think of it I forgot to add in the issues we have experienced; the torrential down pours that floods our road and creek, the basement sump pump constantly running, and as of recently, the cold air drafting into the house. Tomorrow those will be added.
My main goal for the journal is to document the pros and cons/successes and failures of our garden and animals when we get them. This way we fine tune our practices to be more successful at providing for the family.
Thank you for sharing.

Pfeiler Family Farm


Alot of people might shy away from putting the "bad stuff" in, but it's actually essential to do so. Great job! It will be fun to read years later, to see just how far you've come and the turmoils you've been through. You, my friend, are a modern day pioneer! Best wishes on your endeavors!

Very good advice.

I do keep a diary / journal (not quite every day) particularly with details of what I plant, where etc.

I also include weather notes, info about the chickens and how they are laying, and random bits and pieces I want to record somewhere.


Something tells me your journal is quite thorough! Hope 2018 is good to you friend!

Yes, yes and yes!!! So timely, too! I decided to start 2018 out by dedicating myself to a life journal of sorts. Not so much of a "dear diary" situation, or a writing book. But more of a one-stop shop for things I plan/do/try this year. We'll see how it goes. :) Best of luck!


Once you have your mind set on writing alittle something each day, it becomes a great habit. And the first time you use it to remember where you got the best seeds or even charting property taxes, etc you'll be so grateful you did it! Best wishes!


Now those are some sexy printables! Thanks for the link!


Right?! Love me some printables haha. You're welcome!


In a few days check for a post I will submit. I am actually working on that right now in MS Word. Plus I am making a version in MS Excel. My wife is very fluent in excel due to her accounting experience. I am all about making and creating vice buying something.
I should have it all finalized and posted either tomorrow night or Friday morning.

Pfeiler Family Farm

10 months on the new homestead and we have been recording what time of the year we have certain bugs (horse-flies, lady bugs, fire ants, flies etc.), weather, accomplishments, and of course dreams and plans for the future.

2018 will be a much better year, like @torquewrench1969 stated, for our "Standard Operation Manual" for the homestead.


Knowing when the insect army is coming is CRUCIAL to success! So glad you've got your journal going..much success in 2018!

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Yes you are right. It is so easy to forget for is trying to teach me every day. Writing down what I did and what I have learned from it will definitely help. That's whats great about Steemit...I can journal everyday!

Great advice!