Foraging edible honey mushrooms Armillaria mellea for winter.

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Here is our photo report of October trip to forest. in 1 day we found around 40 kilo of them , in forest there is a lot of them and its easy to spot them . Like 50 -100 of mushrooms in 1 tree. They parasitism trees so you just looking for some trees and find this mushrooms. They are edible but need to identify them, if they are fake then they haven't ring in their leg/body and if they are edible you can find ring near their hat. (ring can be small just under hat) October-November is great time of year for this mushrooms, only problem is to prepare and cook for winter . But 1-2 visit to forest is enough to eat mushrooms all year.


They are lovely! We also collected aroind 40 kilos couple of weeks ago.
I love them fried or marinated image

That's bounty! I unfortunately didn't find any, but I've found some look-alikes during our chestnut/mushroom foraging trip... Will be posting some info about that! In the mean time, check out the post about chestnuts! Followed, keep them steemin'!

@deanstead Great post on these honey mushrooms..never seen them before!

Very cool Armillaria sp. and Leccinum sp. (and the King bolete too)

Can we store this harvest (these mushrooms)

ye just boil them and then marinate into jars

Good harvest enjoy your time

Very nice! It looks like you have some nice Boletes in there, too. Our mushrooms are just getting started with the return of the autumn rains. Enjoy all your harvest -- all through the winter! :D

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This is a really awesome post! I forage and grow mushrooms myself, and run the website Great work! Following you!

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