Harvesting potatoes in grandmother's garden 2017.

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Im living in Post Ussr country and we got tradition to harvest potatoes in autumn together. Not all doing this but our grandmothers and grandfathers still into this tradition. So even who is younger helping them. Not much potatoes this year got around 2 raws in field , but potatoes are pretty big so all are happy. 15 years ago i remember we had some big field territory, but with ages now only small territory they have. (no strenght for bigger fields) still i think to have garden yourself is great for health of oldmans and it help to keep body fit.

harvest2017 6.png


harvest2017 3.png

harvest2017 4.png

harvest2017 5.png


Hey there this is pretty awesome, I have always had it in my plans to have a very large garden and to plan all my organic fresh foods. It's pretty amazing I must say. This is nice and encouraging, I think i would engage my little ones later in the week to some gardening. Sounds like fun to me

I used to plant and harvest a sweet potato back to our farm too. It was really exiting and exhausting. Steem and fry sweet potato make our day in harvest season.

Помню и я когда то картошку копал у бабули в огороде :D

I grew up in the Ukraine and had a couple of trips to harvest potatoes. It's hard work

I still help digging potatoes because we have a garden

Wow, that's a lot of potatoes!

this takes me back to my childhood days at my parents farm , good memories , makes me miss my parents , think will call them thanks for the memory lane trip

such a nice work! how long does it takes to grow potatoes ? how is your climate there ?

around 80-90 days, here hot at summer 20-28 C, and now plus 10-13 ,

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Farming is taking over

Nice post @darksandr. We harvested potatoes in Eastern Washington when I was a kid. followed and Upvoted.

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