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RE: The First Seed Starting of 2020 – March 4, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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That's beyond epic :) You're too organized! I guess that's a great help in life, but even I (I consider myself a relatively tidy person) am a bit bothered by that :D

A few quick questions. Why start in trays stuff like parsley, basil, yarrow, plantain, etc? Can't you just sprinkle the seeds around in a bed and that's it? And yarrow, plantain - they don't grow over there as weeds so you have to grow them from seed?

Many of the flowers like Marigolds, Calendula, etc - don't they self-seed in your garden?

And finally, 3 peppers and 12 tomatoes? That's probably a mistake, right? You forgot a zero in the tomatoes and 2 zeroes in the peppers? :D


I have chronic Lyme disease and it's trashed my memory. This is how I remember things. it's a coping mechanism.

We are very sandy loam here. My husband sort of jokes that we have a 22 minute window between mud and dust. As a result, there's not enough consistent moisture for things to germinate.

And while some of these things do grow wild here, you'd be surprised at how little germinates from things I let go to seed.

I am not supposed to eat nightshades, so I don't grow a lot of them. :))

But mostly, it's because the gardens are only going to be at 1/3 size this year. Next year I should be back to full production.

I see, it makes sense and I'm glad you've found a system to make all work!

Re: your soil, it reminded me of my long gone grandfather. On a given morning when rain was pouring, he would dress up and go take the bus to his garden, 30 I'm away.

Why would you go out in the rain, I asked so many times? It may rain now, but I still have to water in the evening, he would reply with a smile!

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