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Time To Make The Syrup, Tapping Trees and Boiling Sap

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I enjoyed watching your video on tapping trees. I would have never know the method of doing this. Like making the hole on the southwest side of the tree, over a root, and making the drill at an upward angle. It was interesting to see how the sap is collected and the neat bag and tap setup. And the blue bags instead of clear used to protect the sap from the sun. It doesn't look like the bags are very securely fastened to the trees though - in a high wind or storm do they get blown off? Also I was completely surprised that the sap was so thin and clear. From all those years of seeing bottled maple syrup I just imagined it would be brown and thick! Guess that the processing of it that turns it into syrup.
I was wondering what effect it has on the trees to drain their sap like that. Is there a limit to how long you can tap a single tree?

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yeah the sap is clear when you boil it down it turns that nice darker color. We havent had any high winds yet but most spile just have a hook lime area either for a bucket or to hook a bag like we did. I know you cant use the same hole for tapping year after year but I dont know how many years you can did it for on the trees. Still pretty new at it and just trying to learn the process