PALLET WOOD | Remove Staples From Wooden Pallets Easily (or at least EASIER)

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A pair of vice grips, and a pry bar

makes short work of removing staples from wooden pallets. Some of my pallets were loaded with them. I tried other methods to remove them, but this worked best. It seems that the staples have glue on them, making them resistant to extraction.

I had to pound some of the staples

from the bottom, a bit, to expose more of the head to get the vice grips clamped on good. It doesn't take much though. I thought I could just pound them all the way out, but they bend easily. Also you have to still pull them out at the end, so I just started using the vice grips at the beginning. It just saves time, and is easy once you get into the rhythm.

Two at a time. (Kind of like pulling teeth.)


Pallet wood makes great trim, if you like the rustic look.


If the above method fails...


Let the sparks fly!

White line.jpg

Over out copy.jpg

Later, Cy


Great tip on the vice grips wonder why i never thought of that. Ill be adding it to the back of tricks next time i get some pallets! Thanks for sharing

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