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Today's Special Holiday Edition Global Homestead Collective promoted posts are by:

@ambiguity, @binaryflat & @belleamie

As we work together globally, I realize we don't all celebrate the same holiday's at the same time. However, as I was compiling posts to share today, I used this particular season as a reason to feature three posts!! I hope you are all doing well!

~Stacie D @freedomtowrite

I decided to go out and experiment with some other type of juices and see what would happen. I had learned that in some wines the citric acid would make the wine even better so I wanted to try some different types of juice that naturally have citric acid in them. I tried a tropical juice mix and also a pineapple juice in this batch of making wine. Keep in mind that the juice you buy in the store has to be 100% juice so it does not work with just any juices.


A pair of vice grips, and a pry bar
makes short work of removing staples from wooden pallets. Some of my pallets were loaded with them. I tried other methods to remove them, but this worked best. It seems that the staples have glue on them, making them resistant to extraction.


I learned to make this wonderful salve from local green witch, Julie Charette Nunn ( It is a favorite at home and also with my friends, and is so easy to make. The secret to success is to pick the Cottonwood Buds and Saint John's Wort flowers at their peak, which seems to require a bit of luck and good timing.


As a collective we are coming together! Uniting, Educating, and Encouraging each other by recognizing the hardwork that is going on all around us. We, as fellow homesteaders, are taking the time to recommend a post that is posted by another person that we feel should be noticed!

Todays's posts by @ambiguity, @binaryflat and @belleamie, and were recommended by @nateonsteemit and @freedomtowrite! Every recommended post will receive 100% upvote from the GHSC and a resteem!

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Hello ghsc community! Thanks for including me here. I'm looking forward to connecting.

You're welcome! I look forward to connecting more!

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