The Freedom To Protect Your Family And Property!

in homesteading •  2 years ago 

I saw this and had to share with all of you. We have a right to carry a gun in the protection of our family and ourselves. We have the right to have a gun to protect our property. In the world today many people are not exercising that right. Please support the 2nd Amendment because of we do not it will likely be taken away by the few that do not want us to have protection from them.
Watch this video and put your opinions in the comments!

In the homestead life we use a gun as a tool and as protection. We use it to get food for our families and to keep our animals from becoming food for other animals or to just keep other animals from killing our livestock.
Please support the 2nd Amendment.

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I believe in protecting ourselves, family and property 100%.
The 2nd Amendment was put into place for that very reason.
Hunting is to provide our family nourishment for survival.
I get so irritated when the politicians want to strip us of our rights and seeing Sen Schumer there, with his head cocked...ugh... that man gets my nerve going and makes me all fired up.
If responsible people have guns, then they are responsible with it and treat it has a tool, NOT necessarily as a weapon to do harm. Protecting yourself/family and property is not inflicting harm. It is our right.

Sen. Schumer gets on my last nerve also.