Transplanting trees with the excavator

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In my life I transplanted a lot of trees, but until yesterday I had no experience of transplanting large adult trees.


Yesterday my neighbor came with a question "Where to put the trees?". He needed to clear the site for the construction of the workshop, and on this site grew a lot of big trees. Some were sick and intended for firewood, but there were also healthy.

I offered to plant them at my place. On the edge of my homestead there is a small piece of land that I still do not use and it is excellent fit the task.


In General, without hesitation, we set to work. The trees were uprooted by an excavator and carefully transported to a new location.


My task was to fix the rope, shown direction of movement and support the trees.


For 5 hours we managed to transplant 4 trees. 1 large (Amelanchier), 2 medium and 1 small (Plums).


I don't know how the trees will survive the move, but I'll hope for the best.


Give them some water/animal shit if it stays dry for a week. The roots are always damaged and it takes a couple of years for them to recover!

I have to move 2 large shrubs soon, and will be using this method also. I hope all yours make it!

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I hope the trees take to their new location. Let us know how they go.

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I hope so. Yesterday I've poured 20 liters of water under each tree


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I KNOW that this is the only practical way in this era of machinery, but my soft inner self can't help cringe at the violence to the delicate roots... I hope the transplanted tree thrives and you are giving it lots of love.

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Unfortunately, it was the only way, otherwise they would have been cut down.