Started a Batch of Sour Kruat

in homesteading •  8 months ago

Our sour kraut supply was getting a little low. Cabbage was on sale so we decided to start a batch of kruat.
After quartering up the cabbage we start shredding with our kruat shredder.
After shredding all the cabbage down we salt it liberally as we stuff it in our fermenting crock.
Pressing down the kruat helps juice it and gets the air out. I put the ceramic disc on top and we secure the lid,pouring water around the lid. This way gas can get out but oxygen can’t get in.
Now we wait for about 3 weeks. The rewards are grand though.

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The rewards are grand though.

Love it! :D

So, that's how you make sauerkraut? I've never had it in all my life though I would like to try it some day. Not that I'll be following your technique - I don't really do much in the kitchen other than wash the dishes these days.

I do like cabbage though. And coleslaw which I imagine it tastes like a little. And it's got to be very nutritious because cabbage is a wonder-veg, isn't it!

Hope your batch is grand. :D


Yes there is another method where you use vinegar but this is the old way. We make a big batch and can some for the food reserves

Yes! I was really excited to see this this morning. I love sour krout! We usually make it in small batches in a mason jar on the counter top.


We like to make a big batch and can some for our food reserves

I have never tried to make sauerkraut. You have given me some motivation. We are planning on planting a bunch of cabbage this year in the garden. I will have to try it. Thanks for the info.


The main thing is not to let the oxygen in the mix once it starts fermenting. As long as the liquid is above your mix you are good.

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Looks like I need to learn to spell LOL
A sour kruat slang for a grump German. I know a few.
Suaerkruat : fermented cabbage