Thursday Green:: Green Sprouts of Life and a Little Back Story

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It's that time of year again, when gardeners permanently stain their fingers in varying shades of brown and green.

Aspiring to be one of them, I rustled around in my seed bin to see what early starters I could begin my gardening venture with for the year. And I found quite a few candidates! These beauties have proudly displayed a healthy shade of lime green, I dare say the most eagerly anticipated color worldwide.

Baby Roma tomato sprouts angling towards the dim February sun.

green-sprout2.jpgTiny Chamomile, just on the verge of looking hopeful.

green-sprout5.jpg First three candidates. Our family is a big fan of quickly growing garden fruits. Nature's candy!

And the last five that need two months indoor growing time. Herbs and such.

green-sprout7.jpg I love this SeedGeeks company. This is where great design comes in handy. Could you make any easier to follow directions? Seriously well done.

green-sprout8.jpgNow for my little helpers. Expandable soil discs. That's a lot of mini watering cans full of water, at least 50!

green-sprout9.jpgThe all important labeling of sprouts. I'm always sure to take pictures just in case the tags get mixed up. Ask me how I know to do this :)

green-sprout6.jpgTiny, tiny seeds for tiny hands. Still it's very difficult to get the right number of seeds in each hole.

green-sprout3.jpgAnd signs of life!

Thanks for taking a peek at the beginning of my green gardening journey for 2018. Here's to many more trays of the same! @allforthegood


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soil discs...very interesting) I have never seen them before) In Russia we don't use it

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i've never heard of seed geeks before! i'm poking around on their site now and am IN LOVE!


I know! I found them on Etsy. They're great.

I noticed your Golden Acre cabbage. How do you keep the cabbage butterflies away? I'm sure they have a scientific name but they look like little white butterflies flitting about and do harm to cabbage, broccoli etc. Do you protect the plants with netting of some sort?


I couldn't say yet, haven't yet successfully grown a head of cabbage yet! But I'll let you know if I actually get a head to produce and see these little pests around.

Nice planting!!!

Looks like these soil disks are very useful and convenient thing, I have to try them:-) But isn't it too early to plant all these cultures?
We usually start gardening season with seeding sweet ( bell) peppers, because they germinate very slowly
But all other cultures grow up much faster and we plant them a little later...


I was hoping to make a little outdoor Greenhouse over the plants in the garden so I could put them out early. But you may be right they could be a little premature! Are those sweet bell pepper seeds in the picture above? I should really try germinating on paper towels ahead of time. I've heard of people doing it but I've never tried it myself.

Nice pratice of agriculture