Adsactly Homesteading - What Next?

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Adsactly Homesteading - What Next?

Hello Steemians, homesteaders, and intending homesteaders. Oh, you are probably wondering what this topic means and its relation to homesteading. I guess several ideas to establish a homestead have been running through your mind since the last time–thoughts running like a chicken which has found the food of self-sufficiency. Your passion and zeal are full like a phone battery at 100% hoping to be used. But you have got to know some things before creating a homestead.

Image Source: Pixabay. Credits to clker free images for hen running used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

Introduction: Recap of what is Homesteading?

In this part of the world, most families have difficulty consuming food that is rich in protein. This is not by design; instead, it is due to the restrictions placed on expenditure by the amount the breadwinner earns. Minimum wage is usually 60 US dollars per month. The cost of animal protein is high due to lack, and sometimes due to the complete lack of government support for mechanized farming. However, families make it a point to celebrate holidays, especially the Christmas holidays, with a little more than their average ration of protein. They save up for this before the end of the year, and they end up buying chicken or other types of meat they would use to celebrate the season.

Youths, unemployed, and retired civil servants are not left out as they are also at the receiving end of this problem. They tend to depend on others for living as they are characterized as people with little means of survival, and nothing is done by the government to increase the standard of living for these people. This tends to result in crimes and other dubious activities to survive and feed their family. But this does not have to be.

In my previous post, I introduced homesteading, the core aspect of it (self-sufficiency and home), and what it entails. I established its role in averting all these described problems by providing a means to fulfill self-sufficiency. You might want to check here for the post. However, before I started homesteading, I learned and noticed some essential things which you must know and understand before you also start. Perhaps if you are already into homesteading, this might help you to re-organize your farm to make more significant production on your homestead.

Things you should know before establishing a homestead

Effective planning: The idea of planning is a popular one that cuts across every aspect of living, from our daily activities (use of task schedulers), business (business plans), to the New Year’s resolutions. It involves creating goals to make life worth living and easier, or our business a successful one.

A plan is only useful if the goals are achieved. It should be noted that the documentation of this plan makes it more efficient and more comfortable in fulfilling. Don’t plan in your head or mind; instead, plan on paper. So get a paper and let’s plan. To a homesteader like me, efficient planning is shaping your homestead on a piece of paper and fulfilling such plans. Planning in homesteading covers every aspect of your homestead, from the land, the implements to be used, and the plants/animals.

Image Source: Pixabay. Credits to congerdesign for pencil notes used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

The first goal you should consider while planning is why you are going into homesteading, which is a function of the extent to which you want to be self-sufficient (do you want to go off-grid or just rear animals in your home like me). In old times, homesteading involved going off-grid, but presently it has accommodated more options like urban homesteading, hydroponics, and balcony gardening. Answering that question is the core aspect of planning in homesteading because it is the foundation for all other aspects of the planning and will be the source of your motivation in your homesteading journey.

The following are the other parts of what you will plan on while establishing a homestead:

  • Deciding how many acres of land you want to use, attributes of the land, closeness to farm markets, etc., depending on the option you have selected.

  • Selecting the breed and species of plant you want to cultivate. Plant-soil requirement differs, and the area of land required by animals varies also. You can’t compare the size of land needed by cows and goats to that of chickens, and even the nutrient requirement of plants varies.

  • Your source of energy.

It should be noted that the goals could be achieved sooner or later; hence the need for flexibility. But the goals should be realistic and straightforward. Also, a single target is enough for a start. For instance, on starting my homestead, my goal was to provide meat through chickens alone, then turkeys came and now I am planning to use their droppings as compost. So a single step at a time.

It is essential to take our time while planning as it will affect your decisions on your homestead. Lester R. Bittel highlighted how planning could affect decisions:

Good plans shape good decisions. That’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.

Personally, here is why I said you should take your time. I am thinking of acquiring new land and moving my homestead there. Although I considered flexibility and extension while planning, moving will require me pulling down some structures at my home and erecting farm structures at the new homestead, a result of lack of efficient planning. These will undoubtedly lead to a waste of money. Poor me, I just have to do it because my farm is expanding. You will agree with me that foresight is necessary while planning (or thinking ahead in layman’s words).

Take your time.

Efficient planning is the most important as it will have a significant effect on the productivity of your homestead in the long run and other things you need to know listed here. It’s like a foundation for your homesteading activity.

Budget and Money: Money is necessary to have a successful life, business, and even a thriving homestead. The main issue with many homesteaders or small-scale farmers is money-related. When I asked people willing to go into homesteading why they have not started, their usual response is always associated with money.

And this is usually my response to them:

You don’t have to get a significant amount of money to establish a homestead. A homestead might be your house with just five chickens or a balcony garden.

Yes, money should not be a limiting factor in creating a homestead. Homesteading allows flexibility in startup capital and you using what you have to achieve what you want. All you need is a little amount of money and a more significant part of being resourceful/creative (which will be discussed in the next post). Although some homesteaders might get their startup products from fellow homesteaders like me for free, they will still have to purchase some materials but in low quantity. So, make friends with old homesteaders as they can help in reducing the startup capital by giving you some of their homestead products.

A cardinal rule you should also note - Don’t borrow a large loan as this goes against the principle and lifestyle of self-sufficiency. Homesteading revolves around simplicity, so cut your coat according to your size. Just start low with that little cent you have and take a project at a time. As you grow in homesteading, more cents will rush in since it is an investment, and then expansion will follow.

Image Source: Pixabay. Credits to stevepb for Coin used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

Also, on establishing a homestead, all the money you have should not be used to purchase land, seeds, constructing buildings, and acquiring an animal. What then, will you be left with to run the homestead? On creating my homestead, the little money I gained from friends, family, savings, and others, I divided into two parts: one part for establishing the homestead and the other for the efficient running of the homestead (a form of a budget).

Planning and money/budget are relational, i.e., the two should be considered hand-in-hand before creating a homestead. An increase or modification of your plan will increase your budget.

Start low and now

Update on my homestead


Mother hen is out with her kids and will be going into gestation again. That’s more chicks to my homestead. Guess who is trying to mount her? One of her sons from her first hatching. I hear you saying incest, but no, chickens exhibit mating within and outside their ancestry/generation.


More money is coming to the finance of the homestead. It was the festive period, and I sold three of my turkeys and will be slaughtering one on New Year’s Day.

Sadly, I lost two of my Isa Brown laying hens under a battery cage system to my carelessness. In that particular cage, the tap was faulty, and the birds were deprived of water for hours. So sad, but I learned my lessons.


My birds and I say Happy New Year to you

Image from pixabay

Start There and Now

Authored by @tormiwah

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Self sufficiency should be the dream of every human being on earth. To become completely independent and able to provide your own food.
I admit I'm not even close to getting there, living in the middle of the city and checking the local supermarket for bargains. I live in Japan now, so for getting out into the country and start farming and homesteading I need to jump over quite some obstacles.
However reading this post just brought this idea back into my mind, something to think about deeper when I get off in a couple of minutes.

how about hydroponic garden on a wall @maxinpower?? real fresh greens to your menu...Just teasing. Myself. I'm living in Thailand. Got space, got seeds, got time. Ain't got the final motivation kick.
Wishing you lot's of healthy japanese food!!

Thank you.
There isn't really much space where I'm living right now but I'm always open to new ideas ;)
Thailand sounds great right now, weather-wise way better than here.
Greetings from Niigata and welcome to Steemit!!

Homes in Japan are compact. I like how minimal their homes are.

this should work for the beginning. Hardly eatable but soo beautiful and minimalistic, don't you agree?

this should work for the beginning. hardly edible nontheless sooo beautiful and minimalistic, don't you agree?

Wow! I didn't know you could do this.

ahh, so many things in the world to explore!! ;))

The final motivation kick is the rarest resource there is!

Do you mind if I quote you @reidlist sometimes? :)

Quote away!

No motivation. This is the motivation. Come join me. Planning on going into hydroponic soon. Do you engage in another business, since you said you have the time. Let's chat/discuss. Could help you out

Yes, I'm a Yoga Teacher and meditation guide. Would be glad to chat, yet haven't found any option for that apart from comments...Humbly asking for steem-education

Best to join Steem Chat, easiest way to exchange with people

I signed up to steam chat but I don’t understand how it works.

Join a channel and just start chatting

will join soon! thanks

We have been working on self sufficiency for many years now and see many more years of labour
working to get where we want to be, but as of now raise most of our own food heat our house with wood
from the farm and have own well and spring fed pond. One thing at a time and you will get where you want to be in life.

Yea, break that obstacle and join me in that life that is worth loving.
You will surely enjoy it. It's a beautiful lifestyle.
Expecting you, the best homesteader in Japan. Lol

Haha, thanks for the cheering.
I guess I need to wait until moving back to Germany

Wow thanks for the reminder again this is awesome for my people in Nigeria due to the current low employment Rate...i myself do BBQ chicken with chips

The greeks called people who lived away from the community idiots; I wonder howmany were idiots and how many were trying to avoid idiocy?

Thanks for your post!
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it would be great if adsactly took some of the money is has made on the homesteading topic and shared it with other homesteaders who write great articles on homesteading, but make only $1 or $2 for their efforts. do you have any type of homesteaders curation set up? to promote other homesteaders?

You are probably right we should start the carrier with great planning like the story of an egg it hatches and makes chickens and so many hens and sheeps and many more we should also make money through different ideas

Wow. Love your interpretation of the post. Kudos

nice, u got new fan here

I agree with you @yassine04

Saya juga setuju

very nice

thank my deay for your article

One golden rule I have always followed in life, but also when starting our little homestead is to NEVER borrow, get a loan or use credit. Part of our homesteading life is to be debt-free.

Aside from paying state or local taxes ( for schools, etc which are mandatory) we don't want a mortgage. All that money spent on interest is wasted when it could be going for improvements on the chicken coop, the updated rain collection system or the new battery bank for the solar panel storage.

Defintely, i always advice any one willing to join homesteading to not borrow. It can run down the business. Thanks for sharing

Wonderfull post i like that

Getting into farm work is not as easy as it sounds. Where do you want to build your farm, what do you expect from your farm, what kind of farm you want, and how big your farm should be. There are a lot of important things to think about.Use your budget carefully so that you do not overdo your initial costs. Your initial costs for the first few years in the farm business will be higher than your earnings. Try to reduce costs as much as possible and try not to get in debt. :)) @adsactly

Yea definitely, you got this right. You got the idea behind the post. Lack of thinking on these things is why many farms or homestead shut down.

@beyfendi am with you on this. Although it's impact was very massive but it cost to get it established is the case.

great chicken post.thank you so much.

last year i listen a scandle about make protien of chicken they uses the more dirty and sheeps owns in the protien and that for the many side effects are now from eating these farming and now i dont like now farming chiken and eggs other wise homsteading in our homes which provide the natural things and foods are good and not side effects

Good post
I think it should be helpful for young people to earn a living

Definitely, am actually a young boy already enjoying the lifestyle

a great lesson
Thank you for sharing i am really appriciat about this post

very interesting post...

realy a very great post i agree with u

chickens also need peace in life, good post you deserve to make a lot of thumbs up

I'm new here. Need support. I subscribed to your excellent blog, please subscribe and you are on mine. Thank you!

Hello @sinilga
I am also quite new here, you should follow me and check out and comment/upvote my work (if you want) remember to only upvote quality posts, let's work together! Peace!

I was very sorry I hope everything goes well @adsactly

You don’t have to get a significant amount of money to establish a homestead. A homestead might be your house with just five chickens or a balcony garden.
Thanks for d motivation , am starting soon

your post is simply awesome. I just followed you so that i cant miss any of your post. Thanks #adsactly for sharing

hello friend I follow you excellent publication, I invite you to go through my blog maybe something you like

Hi @Adsactly
I am new here on steemit and i just read your post.I become Your Fan for Your Creative Writing.

I have followed You and i will keep an eye on your New Post.

Thanks a lot and Take Care of Yourself.

I like you post but homesteading is all about living a more self-reliant lifestyle. Your homestead can be big or small, rural or urban – some folks even homestead in apartments or on rented land.

Yea i do homesteading in my apartments, just planning to move to a land soon

I really like the idea of homesteading and sharing much informations which could actually help a lot of people like you said those who need help to make a living e.g the unemployed, retired civil servants and the rest of them. It’s really a great idea that would help such people earn a living and will go a long way to reduce crime activities because these days we can’t really put our hopes on the government. Thanks for putting this up

You welcome. Glad you love it


adsactly, tu as un nouveau fan ici

Poor Isa Brown. Thank you @adsactly for sharing this article. We have a small balcony garden with lettuce, eggplant, jalapeño pepper, basil and
mint. Homesteading is fun and very rewarding(emotionally).

Yea emotionally, yea it revolves about love. Trust me. You know that feeling

Absolutely. :)

Happy new year too adsactly

waoo great info u made a die hard follower today

I have 3 hen in my house.I give them a clean and neat place and good food.Now they three are giving eggs every day.

Yea, starting low and now, that's the idea keep it up

really nice post i like these kind of hens

Thanks for sharing this high quality content with us !
Appriciate that

upvote got me a friend

Very nice bro I got new fan here :)

Everything will be fine soon. Happy new year to all.

Good way to change the world 🌍

Good post bro ^^

Well I just also have had chickhen in my garden..but I got so tired of them.. So gave them to my neighboor as present. They are deffinetly not like cats and dogs.

I live in India now, so for getting out into the country and start farming and homesteading I need to jump over quite some obstacles. This is the motivation. Come join me. Planning on going into hydroponic soon. @adsactly

good, unvote.

Sorry to hear about your hens. And thank you for some great tips. I grew up in Kerala, India where most homes had a homestead. In our case we used to get our milk from cows and eggs from the hen, most vegetables and fruits available at home itself in a half acre plot. But we are in state now 99% of the homes do not do this any more. Fast forward , I live it canada now, more of the city life. But I always want to go back to my roots because of my childhood memories and the simple pleasure it gives even just thinking about it. Few years down the line I want to do homesteam , may be start small and take step by step projects like you mentioned. But I have lot of questions , like for instance if I am settle in canada , what kind of homestead is feasible is canadian weather , what kind of land to buy , what can i grow during different season.... you blog has made me think.. I will start with creating a plan and reading more on this- Thank you !

I have a real experience of keeping my homestead, with lots of different farm animals.
I can say frankly and accurately that this is not an easy job, when you keep 100 hens and several other species of animals, this is a great responsibility. But this is a noble business that will allow you to always eat quality products without different chemicals.
If it's right to spawn your own business, in terms of keeping farm animals, for example, keeping chickens for getting and selling eggs - it's very profitable .. But it all depends on your region of residence and sales opportunities.
I can very much talk on a similar topic from real experience ... If you have a desire, you can ask a question
A good topic and interesting to say, thanks

Yea it all depends on the residence. Like i point out why planning, it all depends on the degree you want to be sufficient. Do you want to make cash out of it or just for yourself. Then if cash is included closeness to farm markets should be considered

i liked this post

Wow! What a great post. I love it

lol thats the way :) @adsactly

The human overcoming never stops surprising me, sometimes without anything and nothing can achieve anything to maintain a tradition, clear example that you give, despite the high cost look for ways to follow their Christmas tradition

Auf jeden fall

This is so educative

What about witness? @adsactly

Hey, nice write, it is interesting. I am following you, can you follow me @xtophercruzeu thanks

My first blog was about gardening/ farming/ homesteading, haven’t had much interest in mine like u but I don’t got many followers.... here’s my article

Someday I am hoping to be completely self sufficient, I’m setting up a 200gal aquaponics system indoors here soon then come spring time I will be setting up over 2000gal outside slow steps to self sufficiency but I can’t wait... love the post @adsactly

This is a very detailed post. Highly educative and I really learnt a whole lot today. We learn from other people’s mistakes and now when I invest in my own homestead, water and feeds will be supplied adequately to avoid losses. Thank you very much for sharing.

I like your creative work i hope you will surprise me with your work keep it up.

Great Post As Always :)

You are doing a great job keep it up lets support each other follow for follow back n keep supporting each orher.
I see your profile quite intresting you are doing great work keep it up dude @adsactly

Thanks for the great post! We are getting ready to build our new home on land we bought this coming summer. I cannot wait to start our little homestead.

Planning out everything from the start, and keeping your objectives organized will always fall in your favor, you clearly have the "vision" to layout a plan, and follow it down to the wire.

You DEFINITELY know that times are going to be difficult at one point or another, and since the "grid" is still up, people should take advantage of videos on the net that provide survival tactics, preparing meats from the wild, using resources to provide heat, MOST IMPORTANTLY learning how to create their own electricity..

(YES, you can definitely do that!)

Tech savviness can help as well, many people don't know how valuable cell phones are (offline cell phones work best for this suggestion), they can use offline phones to hold important videos that can help teach them how to build spare parts, create useful items they'll need, and these are vids you can take from YouTube to 'store' in your offline device --> best yet, no one can compromise any information on your phone because it's offline.. All they need is a video converter app tool such as "flvto', (just make sure you have a 64gb SD card which can hold a large amount of information to keep a handy list of "How To Vids").

Making A Portable Battery Charger

How To Cook w/out Electricity

"Soldering w/out Electricity"

You have everything on your land in check, and that takes hard work on your part! God Bless! And keep doing what you do!

Thanks for the important info..

Vivimos para comer y comemos para vivir. En ese se resume una gran parte de nuestra vida diaria.

homesteading rocks. witness voted and resteemed!

@adsactly Homesteading (depending on where you live) should be a considered as the best means of good living. Even if you live in the city. You are able to select what is best for you and not have to rely on big chains to get the resources you need. Selection is everything when it comes to the way we live along with budgeting. I invite you and everyone who reads this to come stop by and take part in a contest i am doing for the homeless. Together we can build a strong community on and off Steem. Always appreciate your work, thank you.

A great dream
Zimbabwe tried 'homesteading', broke up large efficient farms and turned the breadbasket of Africa into a starving economic ruin run by kleptomaniacs.

You may have the knowledge and even the financial resources to start off but you will never be tough enough to survive the rigors of what Nature throws at you. You only have to look at parish maps to understand WHO owns productive agricultural land. If it isn't a corporation it will be a bank who holds the mortgages on family farms. If they don't get them one generation they will the next - and they're born and bred professional farmers and pastoralists who have been there and suffered everything Nature and the economy has to throw at them.

You want to homestead go to Hawaii or the tropics - like the Isles Marquesas. Next best thing to drop out than Pitcairn island - there you can grow what you need to survive and probably survive a nuclear war, for a few months.

And with that thoroughly depressing note as the eager realtor sees you driving up in your SUV 4x4 let's hope it is a happy New Year without gold or bitcoin crashing and the stable genius behind the Resolute desk pressing the big red button

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very good.............nice post

Wise tips thanks. I intend to start but am saving for the land first to avoid any overheads!

This is a great article! We are currentlyworking on becoming self-sufficient in our yurt. To us, this eventually even means off-grid power systems and home-grown foods! Luckily, we live right beside a river and are working towards creating a hydropower system for the property. Living in Oregon though, we will need to have a greenhouse to grow our own crops through the year , and just like you said it usually comes back to money.

Thanks for this informative post, it's great to see such positive responses towards self-sufficiency! What can we do if we can't take care of ourSelves?

Check out my latest post to see a photo tour of our Pacific Yurt, & follow along with our future adventures!

Happy New Year from our birds to yours! New to steemit so i have yet to upload some chicken posts but im glad to see there are other homesteaders on here. Thank you for sharing!

I agree, great post.

Nice post .... Ilike this

Homesteading was just a way for the government to get people to accurately lay out property lines so they could tax them on it.

But ya live free EH?

RIP chickens 😳
I actually wish to become a homesteader ✌️

this article long, but very interesting. i like it.

Indeed money is important to have a successful life in all areas but with a creative mind, you can find ways to spend much less money than others. You just gotta think outside the box!

Yea creativity

execllant post!imreally glad

cool post !


Very good idea! I think a lot of people should take an example from you! This is exactly what saves resources and helps burden the environment! Many people are supposed to do something like that, even if only in a small way. Then we are on the right track!

Thanks for your post!
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Thanks for your post!
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This actually has me thinking about growing hydroponically....again. :)

As you stated in your article a homestead is what you make it. It could be your home in a suburb, or a balcony garden in a complex. Many communities do not support raising farm animals such as chickens, even if you do have acres, so I think an important addition to this exceptional article or post would be to do diligence and find out the rules and laws in your community. Also if you plan to go off grid, it is also illegal in many places. Further if you were to invest and install a rain catchment system, such as a rain barrel for collecting rain water to water your garden, this is also illegal in many places as well. This post does emphasize many excellent points to consider when planning and putting the notion of a homestead into place. Homesteading especially with animals is hard work. Animals become family members and you do get attached, so mentally you must prepare for this. Homesteading can be heart breaking when a family (animal) passes. Thanks for a great post, and helping those who are motivated to think about this self sustaining lifestyle. Now following you and resteemed.

I hope to have a homestead one day. Were the chickens you lost laying chickens?

Happy New Year!

Can anyone resteem my post? I have been writing my butt off but getting no up votes or comments. I m here to add some value too! Please help me.

I lot of people miss the whole money aspect of homesteading. They love the lifestyle, but forget that EVERYTHING costs money (or almost everything, unless you have a broad network of bartering partners). Everyone wants chickens, but they don't take into account the cost of feed. In a lot of cases chickens COST money to keep. If you do it right, however, they pay for their own way by way of eggs, manure, bug control and chicks.

A lot of homesteading is self-sufficiency. A lot of self-sufficiency is making it/growing it/saving it/repairing it yourself. However there will always be taxes, medical bills, unforeseen circumstances that cost money. Having a budget and a backup plan are essential.

great post, I really enjoyed reading your tips on chickens - although I didn't read anything about how to get them out of trees (lol that's my current problem) - I will definitely bookmark this for use with my own chickens!

Getting to the point where you are self sufficient is the goal; one you meet taking smaller steps and meeting smaller goals. I think this is a great post reminding people to plan ahead before jumping on the band-wagon, though. That is how we are approaching our ranchette. First we have cleared some land for the garden. This year will be the first installation of the garden, hopefully growing enough to sell at the farmer's market. Next year we will add fruit trees, and so on. Figuring out how to water is my biggest challenge at the moment, but we also plan on having a worm farm to enrich the soil, and learning canning and freezing skills for the harvest. One step at a time. Thanks for the post.

you'r right~

This posting really resonated with me. Homesteading is where I want to be. My children and I had been urban homesteading and then there was a divorce and we had our home stolen by my ex husband. We have spent the past couple of years regathering ourselves, re acquiring seeds, plants, pieces of equipment here and there. We are in a rental in a neighborhood that will not let us homestead. We did not know it was an HOA until 2 months AFTER we moved in. The owners failed to notify me. I would NEVER have chosen and HOA. I had signed a 2 year lease and so was stuck. We havent been able to grow any of our own foods, etc. our cost of living has gone up tremendously; growing your own foods really helps cut that down. I have entered a new relationship with my soul mate. The universe found it fit to bring us together again. We had been torn apart when we were young. We both want the homesteading life. We are working on finding land and a house fo our combines family. we have stepped up production of our homemade items, gathering supplies, starting with rabbits for meat and cant wait to have our own place. the state I live in that property value has EXPLODED in the past 4 years. It very hard for families to afford to buy land. We are remaining optimistic and cannot wait to be back to a homesteading life. This time I am hoping for more rural than urban and a bit of land. I am going to write a series on this adventure. I will continue to follow yours. Thanks for the wonderful post.

We have talked about this many times, but I know how daunting of a task it is to truly survive and be self sufficient. I think with growing technology, this is going to be easier and easier for the individual human being. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey and accomplishments here. Also allowing us to learn. Keep it up, thank you!

Hi, I'm from Venezuela, this topic identifies me, when I was a child in my house they raised chickens for the family's consumption. There we got the eggs and also the chickens, but with the passing of time this changed the life became better as urbanism and economy but for some years the economy in the country has changed strongly, the salary we earn as professionals is not enough to have a healthy diet with all the nutritional requirements, a chicken is expensive and I think we will return to those times where we craibamos for our consumption, so your subject is of benefit to me.

very well explaining your motivational message sir @adsactly. motivation and determination is what i've learn in this post. and also annalizing things is most important in every moves we want to take in order to succeed what we want to do.

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