My family is like a garden❤️

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It is my homeland, a peaceful land, where there are my grandparents and relatives. That peaceful and dreamlike land is called Son La.
It is characterized by sub-temperate climate with fertile soil, which is quite favorable to develop flowers, fruit trees ,...

In addition, we planted a small strawberry garden, and I have harvested a lot of strawberries ^^ strawberries are relatively easy to grow if you keep them in a location that gets full sun.


So great is that they're harvested by hand when they're perfectly ripe.🥰❤️




This is my family's flower garden. We have planted many kinds of flowers for sale. A flower pot costs from 50,000 VND to 2,000,000 VND. I became a sales and consultant here, I introduced customers different types of flowers and their characteristics.


It's very fresh and delicious. Can you see ? Strawberries are grown in cool climates and fertile soil, strawberries will be very big and sweet. Some types of flowers such as: Azalea, Violet, Rose, Hortensia, Hibiscus, Iris, Narcissus, Orchid, Tulip, Sunflower, Confetti , Cyclamen, Carnation, Poppy, Camellia, Cactus Flowers, Oncidium, Pansy , Climbing rose, Forget-me-no, Cherry flower and apricot flower, Arum Lily, Beallara Orchid, Bird of Paradise Flower, Lotus, Confederate Rose, Chinese Sacred Lily, Scarlet Mallow, Coral Vine, Dahlia, Epihyllum, Frangipan, Jasmine, Moss rose, Marigold, Nautilocaly, Poinsettia, Rose Periwinkle, Torch lily, Star Glory, Sword Orchid.
And many other kinds of flowers that I don't know the name.


When I was in my hometown, I learned how to plant flowers and how to protect them,know frost cycle, Know my soil. It was my precious time.





Photo by @a-alice

Thanks for reading❤️


Those strawberries look really good.

Yes, my family planted these strawberries.haha :D

Good for you to strawberries often.

@culgin thank you very much 😍❤️
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You are welcome.

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Useful information😝thanks😘

You are welcome :)

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