HOMESTEADERSONLINE Appreciation.... The Glue That Binds Us Together and Keeps Us All In Line and Smiling

On this Family Day, I wanted to recognize a group of people on Steemit who are like family to me. Living in rural small town Canada, especially during the bitter cold Winter months, one tends not to venture outdoors too often, so having the ability to socialize online with a great group of people is like gold to me. The Homesteadersonline community on Discord, make me laugh, make me cry, and pray for our challenges. I enjoy many many of the posts that are put up on the bulletin board. I have met people from all across the globe. We all have a unique way of life, a different way to garden and raise our livestock.

Now if you are already apart of this wonderful Homesteadersonline family then you already know how crazy we can be. It is such a great mix of characters in each of us. Our community over just the past few months has grown by leaps and bounds. But with this growth of all these new folks, comes some dedication from pretty amazing folks, who keep us organized and are like the foundation rocks of the community.

This post is dedicated to recognizing all the hard work and the self less giving of time to help us all in one way or another. While this group is all very supportive and encouraging and motivating, there are a couple who have stood by us right from the get go that I want to single out.

We are know her and have giggled with her over the past year. We see her advocating for the minnow, and supporting each and everyone of our posts, with comments and upvotes. Steemit is her career when her hubby is at work. I would like to say a big huge Thank you to @goldendawne for all your hard work. Lets see, we have "Holler-out" Tuesdays, we have had "Messy Pantries" and "Seed Giveaways" just to name a few crazy idea's that this lady has come up with.
I would like to reward her with a little Canadian Treat of a 100% Pure Maple Sugar Sucker. The sap is now running and they have just come in.

maple 1.jpg

One of these will also be given to another member of our community who goes beyond the homesteader. This member Thank Goodness is technologically talented and can help out any given moment. He is always available online to offer help. He is the founding member of this community I believe. We all have come to know he is also very handy with a hammer and some nails, and grows an incredible garden. Thank you for all your effort and kindness that you extend to each and everyone of us, new and old. We all have seen him online and he is @greenacrehome. I am sending you as well one of these little Canadian Treats.

maple 2.jpg

Next I want to focus on an older gentleman. We have recently come to know his voice over the airwaves. He is a huge advocate for growth in our community. I swear the man never sleeps, as it is a rare event to see him offline. You can catch him on Friday evenings chatting it up with other fellow homesteaders on the MSPWAVES. The man I am referring to is none other than @pennsif. I know we all have seen him out and about on the porch and the Bulletin Board, and have read how he grew up in a few of his posts.

Last I want to mention a smiling face who seems to be always available and a rebel. You can always see her on the front porch chatting away offering her advice and welcoming all and any new members. She is a great contributor to content and have enjoyed her posts. This is a lady that can turn your frown right upside down and have you in stitches by the end of the conversation. I think we all have had a friendly hello from her. She is @farmstead.

I would kindly ask if all 4 of you would send me in a private message your address so that I may forward to you this sweet Canadian treat, as a personal thank you for all that you do.

If you would like to be apart of this amazing community I encourage you to join by clicking the invite below.

Happy "Homesteaders Appreciation" Trails Folks

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Community Link:


This spot on and so very thoughtful!!

Healthy Home gives this post the #healthy-home seal of approval!!

We hope these awesome Steemians accept your thanks and enjoy your gifts!


Awe you brought tears to my eyes!! @Greenacrehome and I set up the community together (he did and does most of the work! Haha) but I wanted him to be the main man! He is fantastic for it and I’m glad to call him my friend!

This is so sweet and I love chatting and growing, in all senses of the word, with you!! <3 thank you!

I was not completely sure who the founding member were many moons ago, but my friend you are a blast a rebel with a homestead cause and a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being my friend.

REBEL. At least that's what I play online. ;) hahaha Kidding. Sort of. I have a hard time listening to people. Haha. But deep down I am a rule follower, unless it comes to gardening. I am so glad we've found each other on here.

Oh I love HSO on discord. There's lot to learn from there. Every section in the server is worth reading. Lot of skills and the experience shared over there and ofcourse @goldendawne and @pennsif and @farmstead holding everything strong :)


I am so glad you like the community! <3 Thank you for being a part of it!

Bravo for shining the spotlight on these folks! Their efforts have been outstanding in drawing so many different folks into a cohesive Community.

Standing ovation!

OMGosh!!! Thank you for ALL your kind words!!!

I am in outstanding company with @greenacrehome, @pennsif and @farmstead!

Thanks @goldendawn! :) <3

Hi @gardengirlcanada, that is very, very kind of you.

I hope you can make it on to the radio show sometime soon. You would be a great guest.

Thank you! I shall get a microphone soon.

Well deserved They all do so much for all of us!!

I am so glad you are a part of and like our community! We appreciate you!

Thank you so much!

Wow! Thank you @gardengirlcanada for the great kind words and for thinking of us! It is so nice to hear the work is paying off for others, truly. That being said, without people like you, HSO would be nothing very special. You make the community a community worth being a part of!

Thank you!

That is so sweet of you 💗
Those maple sugar suckers look so fun.

This is so awesome! I just started Steeming last month and@goldendawne invited me to join the group a couple weeks ago. Greenacrehome was so welcoming and helpful right off the bat! @Farmstead & @Pennsif too! This is my favorite part of Steemit right now. Loving the community. I just need to get a better handle on my schedule so I can be chatting with everyone in the morning. I tend to get online after the kiddos are asleep and it's pretty lonely on the message boards at those hours. :-)

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