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RE: HOMESTEADERSONLINE Appreciation.... The Glue That Binds Us Together and Keeps Us All In Line and Smiling

in #homesteadersonline6 years ago (edited)

Awe you brought tears to my eyes!! @Greenacrehome and I set up the community together (he did and does most of the work! Haha) but I wanted him to be the main man! He is fantastic for it and I’m glad to call him my friend!

This is so sweet and I love chatting and growing, in all senses of the word, with you!! <3 thank you!


I was not completely sure who the founding member were many moons ago, but my friend you are a blast a rebel with a homestead cause and a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being my friend.

REBEL. At least that's what I play online. ;) hahaha Kidding. Sort of. I have a hard time listening to people. Haha. But deep down I am a rule follower, unless it comes to gardening. I am so glad we've found each other on here.

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