A New Class of Antibiotics Found in DIRT.....Capable of killing DRUG RESISTANT Disease causing Bacteria...WOW

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We have US Researchers stating that they have discovered a new Class of Antibiotics that are capable of killing drug resistant disease causing bacteria. This new Antibiotic class is called MALACIDINS (short for Metegenomic acidic Lipopeptide antibiotic-cidins). They are stating that it has been isolated from bacteria that live in soil.

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The professors at Rockefeller University in New York that they have analyzed DNA, from more than 1000 soil samples, and these are some of the results that they are getting. When you look at what the CDC says in terms of estimates for each year they say that at least 2 million people in the USA become infected with bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics, and that at least 23 thousands of those people die each year as a result, of those infections.

The potential for this is key and life saving, and offers so much new hope for the future. This is a positive in a world so full of many negatives. Just wanted to share the hope with you. Who knew that everyday dirt can help us.

You can read more at rt.com under world news

Happy "Dirt" Trails

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Hmm, could this be why children (and adults) who play in the dirt tend to have less sickness and skin infections?

I play in the dirt all the time, and (knock on wood) I survived a Canadian winter so far, with not a single sniffle. Could be a true story. Thanks for the support

Amazingly, I rarely get colds, flu's and such even though i am a long term diabetic (over 30 years now). I use to play in the dirt a lot and I'm getting back into it this year.

Good for you my friend. Good luck with the garden!

No, that is because your body is exposed to pathogens and builds up a defence (learns to recognise the bugs). Likewise, the exposure to plant and animal material desentitizes your body to allergens ( that's why city kids have more allergy and asthma).

That makes perfect sense. My daughter has only had 2 sniffles in 4 years, and she is always with me in the garden in Spring and Summer, and we live in rural small town Canada. But we do eat very healthy, with lots of veg from garden.

That must explain why children who plays on dirt never get sick that much compared to children who isn't expose to dirt.. We need to atleast let our kids get dirty once in a while.. being overprotected doesn't help much.

Very True. Thanks for the support

no problem.. thanks for sharing

Thanks for this news. It is a good news but let us not start to celebrate yet. Yes because overtime most of the known antibiotics we are using today are gotten from bacteria that were isolated from the soil I'm talking about Actinomycetes et al .
Disease causing bacteria such as Pseudomonas E. Coli and the likes have adapted so much with these antibiotics produced by their counterparts because they are co-inhabitants of the soil.
I think what we should focus our research towards is how we can curb the resistance. New antibiotics will only solve the problem temporarily
Thanks for the information I'll go check it out myself

Well yes, of course, but lets look at one of the worlds oldest super food Spiralina it is algae, and it is so good for you. So there's that and hope

I agree yes.

Yes, that's what we had to say. Find a new antibiotic will just postpone the issue, or even make it worse...

We used to play in the dirt all the time when we were young. We survived :)

As did I. I was always pretty healthy too

Me too. Healthier than i am now lol i am back playing in the dirt with my garden :)

THIS IS SO AWESOME! I totally think I already knew this inside my heart, somewhere in the back of my mind. The soil creates a balance between good bacteria and bad, and has its own systems of regulation. I cant wait for science to catch up to nature haha.

Wow! Another instance of having to find the "good stuff" on RT because other supposed 'news' outlets don't cover it. Hmmm. Thank you for sharing this!

Nature has answers if we will just listen. :)

Now thats intersting! Thanks for the share @gardengirlcanada!

cool thank you!

I love when nature provides. Interesting how we have become so advanced by continuously looking for answers and seeking more knowledge and yet somehow we (almost) always get led back to nature. One might wonder how well the human race would be if we hadn't strayed so far. Thanks for sharing. -Aimee

Wow, this is interesting and it explains why experts advise kids to play more in the ground. Thanks for bringing this to our attention :)

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