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RE: If You Like The Taste of Chicken, You Just Might Jump For A Rabbit Dinner

in #homesteadersonline4 years ago

I love fried rabbit (which of course ruins anything healthy about it, but whatever). Twenty years ago my Father-In-Law sent home a couple rabbits with us to fry up. I left them in the back of my car in the summer for a few days. Let me just Fast forward about fifteen years and my Father-In-Law and I decided to cook a rabbit over an open fire with a make-shift rotisserie. It took hours to cook, and I am still not sure it was done :) I still love it, but have not had it since. If I were able to hunt, rabbit would be on my menu.


I'm still thinking about the repercussions of leaving rabbits in a hot car for a few days. Yikes! Hopefully I can do a little rabbit hunting soon. Although, unfortunately, our western cottontails don't seem to taste as well as the easterns I was so used too, or the big home raised types.

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