If the wound shows red, red is an attractant color for chickens. Masking the color helps them leave it alone. Also, if you have behavior problems, say with a rooster, don't wear red around him. Blue is a neutral color for chickens.

They are like little bulls with a red cape to get them to attack.

Hey thanks for the replies! Nicholas's food had healed up and wasn't red but he continued to peck at it. After examining it, he had a little splinter in there. I pulled it out, sprayed the wound spray, and today he hadn't even bothered with it. I don't stand for behavior issues in my flock. I've been raising chickens for a long time and am really good at mitigating issues. I'm known by my friends and family as the chicken whisperer. lol. We hand-raise ours, handle them often, even our roo, and they are friendly.

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