Late Night Chicken Check-Up


Our head rooster, Nicholas, had gotten a cut on his toe. We noticed during the day that he was pecking at it to the point it had become raw. We set the plan to head out to the coop in the evening, when they are all on their roost, and tend to his foot. It's much easier to get them when it is evening and they don't fuss as much.

Nicholas is such a good roo, he didn't fuss not one bit. I picked him up and assessed his wounds. We washed his cut off with an herbal wound spray we made that consists of tea tree oil, comfrey, witch hazel, and a few other herbs/astringents. We added spilanthies as well to help ease any burning or pain. Nicholas was such a trooper and didn't fuss even a little while I cleaned his wound.

Once the wound was cleaned we rubbed on some A&D ointment just to seal it up. It's been quite muddy out and I wanted to just give a layer of protection to the wound. We will reapeat this each night for the next few nights until his wound is all better.

While we were in the coop we checked out all of our other chickens. We checked the hens for any wounds they may have sustained from mating, we checked their feathers to ensure they don't have any mites/lice. We looked at their legs to ensure their scales are healthy. Everyone passed their health check with exception to Nicholas's foot but I'm sure he will be good as new in no time flat.

Isn't he so handsome!!?


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Good job addressing you roo's problem and it's cool that he didn't fuss. Ever since our chick turned into an adolescent rooster he doesn't sit on our laps anymore and is quite skittish. But it's true about them being less fussy at night because that's when we can sometimes touch him

Ha why do they have to peck their own feet like that. Maybe invent a rooster cone to keep him from messing with the wound lol.

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If the wound shows red, red is an attractant color for chickens. Masking the color helps them leave it alone. Also, if you have behavior problems, say with a rooster, don't wear red around him. Blue is a neutral color for chickens.

They are like little bulls with a red cape to get them to attack.

Hey thanks for the replies! Nicholas's food had healed up and wasn't red but he continued to peck at it. After examining it, he had a little splinter in there. I pulled it out, sprayed the wound spray, and today he hadn't even bothered with it. I don't stand for behavior issues in my flock. I've been raising chickens for a long time and am really good at mitigating issues. I'm known by my friends and family as the chicken whisperer. lol. We hand-raise ours, handle them often, even our roo, and they are friendly.

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