Seed Swap!

Are you in the NC area?? (Read on even if you aren't!) MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Come check this out! We are hoping to make this one of NC's largest seed swaps!!

Seed Swap 1.jpg

We are partnering with the local Soil Trotters Garden Group to hold what we hope to be one of the areas largest seed swaps at our local community art and garden center!!

Bring your seeds, plants, cactus, flowers, edibles, herbs, you name it and swap with other plant enthusiasts.




Here is the link for those interested!!

We hope to see you amazing people there!!!! But if you can't make it, or are not in the area, consider hosting one yourself!! Seed swaps are amazing! You get to share seeds with other growers, talk to and learn from each other, try new plants you may not have otherwise tried, talk to like-minded people who are passionate about growing food and's so much fun and it's a great way to build community! If you have one scheduled for your area, feel free to drop a link to your event in the comments below! It will help others find swaps in their area. :)

With lots of love
-Kindred Acres

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Why not make a post (or pdf) on how to organise such an event. Share your experience so that others don't make all the mistakes you made when you first started?

I would love to do something like this but I am in South Africa and I do not have a piece of land where I could host such an event, but maybe someone else can? It is always the unknown that makes a startup daunting, so ...will you help them?

Great idea! I'll try to work on that. P.S. You don't necessarily have to have land yourself. Check with local facilities, churches, parks, etc to see if you can hold one there. Just a thought. :)

@craigcryptoking more of your people! Maybe y'all could get together and start a swap :)

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We're kinda sorta neighbors, as I'm in Middle Tennessee, and NC was actually our first choice when we first started looking at property. Whereabouts are you in NC?

Good luck with your seed swap! I hope it goes great for you all.