Grow your own vegetables Meal 1 🍀🍀

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The first harvest

Those of you who follow me would know if have been growing my own herbs and vegetables for the past 14 weeks.

This was the latest update.

It was a little project I took on with my two sons when our local supermarket gave away little grow kits a few months back.

It's been a great little lesson to them about where food comes from and they've really enjoyed looking after the plants over the weeks, although they still don't know where meat comes from.. let's leave that for another day!! 🙈



The rocket plant was the first to be ready for harvesting and it was about 5 weeks ago, but I'm just getting around to writing the post now.

So I had my lovely freshly home grown rocket leaves. Now I just needed an idea; I thought maybe a salad, but I settled on a nice juicy wrap instead. The wrap had butter, parma ham, Cheddar cheese, scallion, tomato and of course rocket!


These ingredients went really well together and I washed it all down with a trusty cup of tea 🍵


I always like a few cheeky crisps with a sandwich or wrap, so they were a must as well.


Next will be the dill which is now ready to go as well..

Thanks for taking the time to read all about our little veg and herb adventure!

Peace out.


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