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"It's strange how the same place I ran from is the same place I think of whenever the chance comes" -Avici, Somewhere in Stockholm

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I'm homesick, its been quite sometime but this is what I must do to get ahead in life. They tell me nothing good comes from dwelling in your comfort zone, that the world is big and it's my "oyster". They never told me it'll be this hard, I wish someone could have told me that I won't get to see my family for this long and that I'd have to deal with sneaky people that always want something.

I'm home sick, seriously I am. The food doesn't taste the same either, its been months and I'm just coping with the change. They spice theirs too much here and speak a strange language that always makes me feel unwelcomed. I'm drowning these feelings in bottomless bottles of alcohol and this black hole inside me gets filled, even if its for a fleeting moment.

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Being homesick definitely isn't an amazing feeling, I can imagine how you feel... You didn't even travel home for Christmas?

The spice really is too much?😲 you must be one that doesn't like spice. Lol!

Being around people that speak a totally different language must be really annoying, I have been there, a few time... Hopefully, you learn soon?

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Yeah, I can't even speak my own dialect. I think I have a language issue that doesn't let me learn others but nonetheless, I'm learning.

Less drinking, more exercise. How far is your family?


I'm trying to mix it up. A day's journey away normally but travelling in Nigeria is never straightforward

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